Borderlands 2 crash when joining friend

I require someone that have the right to actually have something done around this issue call me. This worry is 6 months old and still no resolve or even word on a feasible solve. I have actually found a workroughly for now (which might bring about a hint on exactly how to possibly deal with the issue), however I shouldn"t need to go through the trouble simply because gearbox/2k refusage to solve or acexpertise the issue. Please contact me asap.
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XBF Steven R
Replied on March 31, 2020


Thanks for getting to out to the Forums for advice on just how to take care of this case via your console crashing while trying to play Borderlands 3. I deserve to totally watch how this might be rather of a downer to have to carry out all the time, yet maube a little little bit of troubleshooting will assist. I indicate trying the actions outlined in our assistance page entitledTroubleshoot digital game problems on Xbox One .

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When you gain the opportunity, give that a shot and also let us know if that aided.

Thanks for reading!

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Replied on March 31, 2020
In reply to XBF Steven R's article on March 31, 2020

I had currently gone through all the suggested troubleshooting (both troubleshooting and also gearbox said troubleshooting) procedures, through absolutely no distinction whatsoever before. I likewise tried to obtain aorganize of gearbox and 2k with no response. Many civilization have actually had actually this very same worry, and I had actually review with quite a couple of forums. Changing the resolution is the just not said and also so far the ONLY method I have actually gained the game not to hard crash the console.

Btw I initially played the game on COMPUTER, and was hoping for the cross play that was talked around, yet never implemented. I provided up and chose to obtain the game on my 1x additionally, just so I could play via other friends. But I additionally noticed on COMPUTER that the game isn"t optimized extremely well either. It constantly runs high temps, and also notably runs my mechanism at very high clocks (comparable to rdr2 for PC). My COMPUTER is a more recent machine running an i7-9700k, 64gb 3200mhz ram, and also a 2080ti running at 2100mhz (sometimes played at 2k res, periodically at 4k). So by no indicates does it absence for anypoint to play a game like that. But also then I notice times wbelow runs really difficult seemingly at random components of the game wbelow it is mainly much less intense than alot of the even more activity packed moments in the game.

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I execute believe that tright here is alot of possibility for much better optimization on borderlands 3. I perform discover it rather odd that it is the 1x that has actually the sign up with co-op crash, but yet can be the host of a co-op game for various other non 1x makers. And that by altering the resolution was the just means to stop the difficult crashes. I would certainly simply prefer to view this problem fixed, and also for gearbox/2k to actually recognize this worry with an extremely due apology to their customers that they have actually deliberately ignored for 6 months now.