Borderlands pre sequel fatal error

Verifying game papers didn’t aid me, it was the initially point I did. I still don’t understand what to perform, tright here are no such folders in the game folder. And sorry for the wrong alternative of category.

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A completely crackpot idea and also a long shot but…

Do you have a tablet computer or touch pad of some kind plugged into your PC?


A entirely crackpot idea and a lengthy shot but…

Do you have actually a tablet computer or touch pad of some sort plugged into your PC?

I’m sorry yet I don’t have any type of of this currently.

OK - it was just a wild guess.

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The totality “filename not found” looks incredibly acquainted though - I’ve seen exceptionally similar error logs in a number of the COMPUTER technology assistance sections below. From memory, some potential causes were:

Steam sync incorrectly blocking or rerelocating a fileAntivirus software application preventing a document being conserved to disk in the time of Steam verificationOther permissions worries due to Windows Defender and BitdefenderOverlay for Discord interfering through the gameMissing or incorrect video driversWindows 10 needing to run in compatibility mode for the game to run smoothly.

See for example:

Windows 10 BL2 not working Borderlands 2 Tech Support
Hello, i downloaded home windows 10 earlier today, and also have actually had some issues. Borderlands 2 will not load up. It comes up via the old launcher, and it immediately closes and also says tbelow was an worry loading borderlands 2. Is tbelow any type of recognized solve to this issue? Is anyone else having actually this problem? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Finally got a real error message: General defense fault! History: GetPluginCount() Address = 0xdc0fd9 (filename not found) Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Borderlands 2 Tech Support
I had actually this difficulty and also I simply managed to deal with it, I tried reinstalling, didn’t job-related, updating vehicle drivers, likewise nope. I tried also removing my profile (I thought it was a corrupted profile), nope Turns out Discord was the main problem, if you have Overlay for Discord enabled, it’ll crash Borderlands

For a full list to explore:

The support folks must likewise have the ability to help you out, however response times might be a bit much longer than usual as we’re heading towards the July 4th US holiday.

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delete the entire folder and also restart the game. for currently overlook the assertion line. bamboo is a build server. yet basically whatever tbelow is saying it can’t uncover the executable for the game. so simply delete the totality folder. vapor have to redownpack it immediately.