Borderlands steam general protection fault

Borderlands is just one of the finest looter shooter games ever made. From the cell-shaded architecture to the wide selection of weapons that is current in the game, all these include as much as make an exciting game altogether. While many kind of players coop with their friends and have been enjoying this classic game, some of the customers aren’t able to play properly. That’s owing to the issue of the General Protection Fault, which is popping up for some users. If you are one of the customers facing the very same concern, then here are a couple of simple fixes to eliminate the issue quickly.

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If your game papers have been accidentally deleted or corrupted due to some factor, then verifying the integrity of game papers can resolve the error for you. To do that follow the steps below:-

Open SteamRight Click on Borderlands and also Select PropertiesSelect the Local Files tab and then click Verify Integrity of Video Game FilesThe verification could take some time, so be patient and wait for it to complete. Once it’s done begin the game and check if the problem is fixed

Update Your Graphics Card Driver

If your graphics card driver is not approximately date, you can confront this error while playing the game. It is recommended that you carry out a fresh instevery one of the graphics driver for better results. To execute a fresh install, downpack DDU and percreate a clean uninstall of the graphics driver. Once that’s done, go to the particular webwebsite of your graphics card manufacturer and also downfill the latest vehicle drivers.

Checking If the NVIDIA Control Panel Is Using Your Dedicated GPU

Sometimes the NVIDIA Control Panel asindications the integrated GPU to the game, which have the right to reason this error. The deal with for that is exceptionally basic. Just follow the measures offered below.

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Right-click on Deskpeak and also select Nvidia Control PanelOnce the dialog box opens up, click the “+” alongside the 3D settings tab and click Manage 3D settings.Under Program Settings, pick Borderlands 3 from the dropdvery own.Find the Select wanted graphics processor for this regime choice and also then change it to the High-Performance NVIDIA processor. Click on Apply and also restart your COMPUTER.

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Change DLL documents of the game

Sometimes tweaking the DLL documents a little bit have the right to assist in resolving this problem. This worry has actually been addressed by some users this means just. Follow the actions below to use this fix:-

Open SteamRight Click on Borderlands, select Properties, and under neighborhood files click Browse Local FilesGo to the binaries folder and situate a document named “cudart.dll”. Copy the file and save it to the exact same folder, when motivated about relocation or make a copy, click on make a copyRename the “cart – Copy.dll” to “physxcudart_20″ and click Enter

Install PhysX

Many type of users skip installing PhysX while installing the game, and also this is one of the prime reasons for the game to have actually that error. Fixing that is incredibly basic since the PhysX installer lies in the game catalog itself. Here is exactly how to install PhysX from the game’s directory:-

Open SteamRight Click on Borderlands, pick Properties, and also under neighborhood documents click Browse Local FilesOpen the Prerequisites folder and also find the PhysX_xx.xx_SystemSoftware.msi file. The xx.xx denotes the variation of PhysX.Double click the file and follow the onscreen instructions ton install PhysX

That’s all you need to know around solving Borderlands General Protection Fault Error on Windows. If you are unable to resolve it after all these fixes, then we recommfinish percreating a clean instevery one of Windows on your machine and then reinstalling the game.

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