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The release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel saw our staff benchnoting the game"s framerate performance across assorted graphics cards, as constantly. We"d already previewed the gameplay mechanics of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at PAX, yet currently that the game"s released, it"s time to resolve some of the most widespread crash fixes. This is somepoint we carry out on a regular basis for major releases, including Watch Dogs and Titanloss in previous launch cycles.

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Just like many major launches these days, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel suffers from some flickering, crashing & CTDs, babsence display screens, freezes, and PhysX problems. This guide will certainly help deal with a few of the worries we"ve unspanned for this reason far.

Hidden Mouse Cursor – Mouse Doesn"t Show Up in Borderlands

We found this concern upon initial fill of the game. If a gamepad is associated to the system at time of launch, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will hide the mouse cursor in favor of analog stick movement. Disconnect USB-powered controller gadgets to reveal the cursor.

Black Display when Launching Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel

We sustained one black screen as soon as launching Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel in our GPU benchnoting. The following procedures were performed to solve the issue:

Verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam (right-click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Cache).Update to the latest beta vehicle drivers for AMD or nVidia, depending upon your video card.Re-launch the game.

If you"re still having problems and also you"re running a CrossFire or SLI setup, take into consideration disabling CrossFire/SLI and running the game on a single GPU rather.

Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel FPS Drops, Low FPS, & Lag

If you"re endure video lag (not netjob-related lag) in BLPS, it"s feasible that the chauffeurs should be updated or that the video device is not sustained by BLPS. Borderlands will certainly run on virtually any video card, as we tested in our benchnote (also the $75 R7 250X does fine). Still, it"ll struggle through IGPs (favor Intel"s HD4000/4600) and also other comparable low-finish tools.

If you"re running on a low-finish tool, we"d recommfinish the complying with settings to partly solve frameprice drops (assuming 1080 resolution):

Frameprice max: Limitless is fine.Bullet Decals: Low.Foliage distance: Near/cshed.Texture Quality: Lowest possible. Try medium if you can run it.Game detail: Low.AO: Off.DOF: Off.FXAA: Off.(If available) PhysX: Low.View Distance: Medium (if possible) or low.

Micro-Stuttering in Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel

If utilizing CrossFireX, it"s feasible that you will encounter some micro-stuttering or texture flickering while playing Borderlands. SLI need to be functioning perfectly fine at this suggest, many thanks to prodocuments by nVidia. Make sure you"ve updated to the latest vehicle drivers to assistance SLI.

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If still enduring micro-stuttering with a multi-GPU variety, the just existing solution is to disable the variety and also run single-GPU.

Borderlands Multiplayer Netjob-related Negotiation Issues

Tbelow may be some NAT or failures to affix to multiplayer via Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel. Brief of utilizing Hamachi to produce a virtual LAN and piggyago off a friend"s connection, make certain your router"s firewall is making exceptions for Borderlands, forward relevant ports, and also make exceptions in anti-virus software.

Previous ports supplied by the Borderlands series include 6500, 7777-7787, and also 27900-29900 on TCP & UDP. We are yet unsure of the Pre-Sequel ports, yet they"re most likely the exact same or similar.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PhysX Doesn"t Work

First make sure that PhysX actually isn"t functioning. The first few missions won"t really see usage of physical impacts in game, so you won"t truly recognize the difference until you"ve secured yourself some rocket launchers. If PhysX is not an available choice, it"s because you"re not making use of a compatible nVidia video clip card to play the game. Integrated graphics processors and AMD devices are not compatible with PhysX, and so the alternative will certainly be unobtainable to customers of such gadgets.

If you have an nVidia device and also it"s still not tright here, make sure the latest motorists are installed and ensure that you"re on a compatible PhysX nVidia GPU. If making use of a laptop, it may be the situation that your IGP is being provided to play Borderlands instead of the discrete video card, offered the high performance of the game. You"ll have to pressure the dGPU to be supplied in this circumstances.

Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel Won"t Launch (Steam)

Steam has an worry through games occasionally wright here it will not effectively install DirectX and various other Microsoft libraries prior to launch. If this is the situation, you"ll must manually upday DirectX. Try deleting the game"s BIN folder and verifying the integrity of the cache through Steam; this will certainly reacquire the folder and need to prompt an instevery one of Dx or various other libraries.

Borderlands NComputers Stuck, NPC Disshowed up, & NPC Stuck in Elevator

We had actually problems in the tutorial (and also later levels) wright here NPCs would certainly get stuck in objects (like elevators) as soon as escorting them. We"ve likewise had actually concerns through Jack and other NComputers disshowing up upon acquiring stuck or re-loading the game. Sometimes we were able to solve this by quitting and also re-launching the game, yet various other times the bug still persisted; in order to solve it also once persisting, I"d go gain myself eliminated and re-spawn, which appeared to acquire the NPC unstuck or re-drawn.

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Let us know if you uncover any kind of other concerns that you need assist with!

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.


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