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system() will certainly speak to fork() to develop a subprocedure, and also the subprocedure will certainly call /bin/sh-c string to execute the command also represented by the parameter string, and also then return to the original calling process after the command also is executed.

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system("pause") deserve to realize the freezing display screen, which is convenient for observing the execution outcome of the routine. as follows:

2. Call the getch() function:

This function is a non-echo attribute. When the user presses a details character, the feature instantly reads, without pushing Go into, you must incorporate , as follows:


1. Call the getchar() function:

Read characters from the stdio stream. When the routine calls getchar, the routine waits for the user to push the crucial. The personalities gotten in by the user are stored in the keyboard buffer till the user presses Get in. Need to encompass , as follows


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Solution: 1. Open the task directory, discover the .vcxproj file and open up it with a message editor 2. Insert the adhering to in :...


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error:ld went back 1 exit status LD RETURNED 1 EXIT STATUS The front comprehensive error is sassist The routine is no problem, and also the possible problem is a lot of likely to be the adhering to 1. Your regime ...

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 .NET Frameoccupational : 4.7.2        IDE : Visual Studio Community 2019        OS : Windows 10 x64    ty...

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