Call of duty gamer pictures

So I have actually done it solo and co-op send them to Paradise and was wondering if you unlock both picture"s if you only do co-op? when you stack the success.

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i have around over a hundred pics and nopoint actually stands out for the achievement!

Either it just looks crap or i didn"t acquire it:(

Thanks for the assist man yeah i have it, yet i will not be using it.

I was hoping for somepoint epic, for what we went with lol

ya view once i did this achievement for c-op on the 1st day (yes i was 1 of the initially 2 to ever acquire it) i unlocked the gamer pic and i tried to find it cant discover it... what does it look like?

Getting the solo photo gets you a snapshot of Takeo, they art style is exceptionally grim and also dark ( Orange and also Babsence ), so if you do not look at it very closely you could not notification.


( At first I thought the Takeo photo was a mysterious man via a hat lol )


The Co-op one will certainly give you a gamer picture of Nikolai, which is also colored in Oarray and Babsence.


You execute get both for doing it co-op only.

Getting the solo image gets you a photo of Takeo, they art style is incredibly grim and dark ( Oarray and Babsence ), so if you do not look at it carefully you might not alert.


( At first I thought the Takeo photo was a mysterious guy through a hat lol )


The Co-op one will provide you a gamer image of Nikolai, which is additionally colored in Oarray and also Black.

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You do acquire both for doing it co-op only.


i dont have no pics oselection and black lol a display screen shot would assist alot haha i was hoping itd be a gamer pic favor it would say "call of the dead" or w/e haha edit: i found em, its not pics of oselection and also babsence lol

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Just obtained the accomplishment, didn"t check out a noticeable gamer pic, definitely need a display favor the guy over me said

Both of the gamer pics seem kinda "meh" little bit disappointed. The Call of Duty 3 pic was awesome, the babsence and white one of the soldier.


Nothing will certainly beat my Hitmale gamer pics, if i gain bored of one i simply different to the following, been doing that for the last 2-3 years now- the man is a god.


Well not true, i got takeo one for doing it solo by round 11 actual basic.


I then obtained the Nikolai by doing it co-op via 2 people at round 15.


i dont know if u gain both doing co-op considering that i did both individually

Yup, I"m officially pissed. I did the ensemble cast/stand-in achievement this particular day via 3 others, I watched ensemble cast and also the gamerpic pop and also the stand-in popped but no gamerpic. I looked via my gamerpics and also only Nicolai is there.... I understand at leastern one other perkid in our group acquired BOTH pics! What the hell happened here?


JONBLEACH: I"ll have to attempt aget solo, I am not looking forward to doing the entirety VR-11/sacrifice component again! Especially solo!

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How perform the gamerpics look? i really desire to view, but im not getting them reason im method to crap in zombies xD

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