Camstudio waveoutgetselectcontrol() failed

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I"m having this trouble via Camstudio 2.0, as soon as I go to choices "document audio from speakers" I use a Logitechnology USB headcollection through headphones and a microphone, as not to disturb/annoy people in the house with music/sounds. I am utilizing Windows XP SP3. I think I have actually recorded video"s successfully prior to with the settings I have currently (I never before even changed it from microphone to speakers before) But when I simply tried to document somepoint the other day- the volume was exceptionally faint. I don"t recognize why.I did a google and also discovered this, does not look like anything on it can aid me, though.
Try switching to Stereo Mix (or What-U-Hear in some soundcards) as your Recording Input Source.In CamStudio go to:Options > Audio Options For Microphone > VolumeSelect the Stereo Mix or What-U-Hear alternative and also attempt it aobtain. You can need to adjust the volume establishing as it have the right to be a bit sensitive.

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Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio Tab > Sound Recording box collection to your sound card > Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control > Options > Properties > Recording > Select Wave/MP3 and make sure it"s not muted.
2PAC-M4K4V3L1Make sure you"re running CamStudio in XP Compatibility ModeRight click Recorder.exe > Properties > Compatibility tabCheersNick
Not sure if this a solution, however what recorder.exe file is he referring to?I wonder if this can be solved ssuggest by installing a much more current variation of camstudio. It might be that simple
Just tried it via Camtasia currently. And it does not job-related with it either. I tried recording from the microphone- that works fine. I tried recording camrec, and also there"s no sound.Now, I run into some kind of a bug wbelow when I click document the screen, it just minimizes camtasia instead of bringing up the window through the record button, sigh.

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Run in Compatibility Mode Confirmation
That operated, I had the exact same difficulty and right clicked a cam studio shortcut in Window 7, clicked compatibility and ran in Windows XP Service Pack 3 and fixed my concern. At initially an error came up saying pause shortreduced can not be loaded, sheight shortcut could not be loaded, and so on But I think it was just bereason I had actually another instance running, but when I exited them both the next time and restarted the regime, there was no error.
Hello there,So I tried to troubleshoot compatibility on Camstudio when making use of Windows 7. I selected Windows XP Service Pack 3. However before just how did you setup the recording in Camstudio after that? I collection it as much as document from speakers but still no system audio sound in the recordings?Any assist would certainly be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Lorne
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