Cannot contact recaptcha. check your connection and try again

I was trying google Recaptcha on the Safari browser which couldn"t work (It"s working on any type of various other internet browser favor Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome). After waiting for a minute it returns:

Could not affix to the reCAPTCHA company.

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Please examine your internet connection and also reload to gain a reCAPTCHA difficulty.

You can redevelop this on utilizing latest Windows Safari Browser:

The major problem was that I can not checkmark the captcha and also pick the pictures, any type of idea to deal with this?

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asked Feb 18 "20 at 6:40

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I"ve competent this issue as well. For me the solution was to pausage / disable addblocker. Apparently the request url for the recaptcha script is changed as soon as utilizing this blocker(

When checking console errors, this repursuit url is unobtainable.

So when I disabled the addblocker, the reCaptcha is working simply fine.

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answered Jul 8 "20 at 13:09

Frank BokdamFrank Bokdam
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Here my 2 cents on the issueAfter a few hours relooking and exploring through Safari"s configuration, I discovered the root reason.


In Preferrals on Privacy tab, you will discover the alternative "Proccasion cross-website tracking", if this alternative is checked then you will watch the error message in the reCaptcha area. According to Apple support this is what they say that happens once it is checked:

Unmuch less you visit and connect via the third-party content provider as a first-party webwebsite, their cookies and also webwebsite data are deleted.

Complete explanation: Prevent cross-website tracking in Safari

If you uninspect the option and also reload the web page, then you will have the ability to usage the reCaptcha control. It appears it depends on how your website is connecting with the reCaptcha service, if it is from a webwebsite you are developing and just how it detects the source connection or perhaps if the website has actually an SSL on it. Maybe Google itself is the only one who deserve to completely clarify what is going on under the hood, in the meantime, this is what I know:

When we have this allowed, it blocks the cookie production and website information, in this instance a specific session storage essential called "rc::b" is not developed in Safari browser and so reCaptcha is no able to attach to its resource to carry out what it wants. For some factor Safari blocks this one but enables the "rc::a" cookie.

These would be my recommendations for now:

Unexamine the "Prevent cross-site tracking" choice.Or you deserve to open up a Private tab or Incognito tab and it will go through without issues.

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Hope this helps to those out tbelow looking for a solution to this annoying roadblock.