Cannot init steam datagram client

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Misc netfunctioning utilities for checking the neighborhood netfunctioning setting and estimating pings.Related documents:Member features for ISteamNetworkingUtils are dubbed through the global accessor attribute SteamNetworkingUtils().

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Initialization and also condition check


If you recognize that you are going to be making use of the relay network-related (for example, bereason you anticipate making P2P connections), contact this to initialize the relay netjob-related. If you execute not speak to this, the initialization will certainly be delayed till the first time you usage a feature that calls for access to the relay netoccupational, which will delay that initially accessibility.You deserve to likewise contact this to pressure a retry if the previous attempt has actually failed. Percreating any activity that requires access to the relay netoccupational will likewise trigger a reattempt, and also so calling this attribute is never before strictly necessary, however it can be valuable to speak to it a program launch time, if accessibility to the relay netjob-related is anticipated. Use GetRelayNetworkStatus or listen for SteamRelayNetworkStatus_t callbacks to recognize once initialization has actually completed. Typically initialization completes in a few secs.Note: dedicated servers hosted in known information centers do *not* need to call this, since they do not make routing decisions. However before, if the dedicated server will certainly be utilizing P2P functionality, it will certainly act as a "client" and this need to be dubbed.


Fetch present status of the relay netoccupational.SteamRelayNetworkStatus_t is also a callback. It will be triggered on both the user and gameserver interdeals with any kind of time the standing transforms, or ping measurement starts or stops.SteamRelayNetworkStatus_t::m_eAvail is went back. If you desire more details, you can pass a non-NULL worth.

Ping Location Functions

We usage the ping times to the valve relays deployed worldwide to geneprice a "marker" that describes the place of an Net hold. Given two such markers, we can estimate the network latency in between 2 hosts, without sending any type of packets. The estimate is based on the optimal path that is found via the Valve netjob-related. If you are making use of the Valve network to bring the web traffic, then this is specifically the ping you desire. If you are not, then the ping time will most likely still be a reasonable estimate.This is extremely valuable to choose optional peers for matchmaking!The markers can also be converted to a string, so they deserve to be transmitted. We have a separate library you can usage on your backend to manipulate these objects. (See steamdatagramrelay)


Rerevolve area details for the current hold. Retransforms the approximate age of the information, in secs, or -1 if no information is easily accessible.It takes a couple of secs to initialize accessibility to the relay netoccupational. If you call this extremely shortly after calling InitializeRelayNetworkAccess, the information might not be obtainable yet.This always rerotate the many up-to-day indevelopment we have easily accessible right currently, also if we are in the middle of re-calculating ping times.


int EstimatePingTimeBetweenTwoLocations( const SteamNetworkPingLocation_t &location1, const SteamNetworkPingLocation_t &location2 );
Estimate the round-expedition latency between 2 arbitrary areas, in milliseconds. This is a conservative estimate, based on routing through the relay network. For a lot of standard relayed relationships, this ping time will certainly be pretty precise, since it will certainly be based upon the route likely to be actually used.If a direct IP route is provided (possibly using NAT traversal), then the course will certainly be different, and the ping time could be much better. Or it might actually be a little bit worse! Standard IP routing is generally suboptimal!But even in this situation, the estimate derived using this technique is a reasonable upper bound on the ping time. (Also it has the advantage of returning automatically and also not sfinishing any type of packets.)In a few instances we can not able to estimate the path. In this situation a negative value is went back. k_nSteamNetworkingPing_Failed means the factor was bereason of some networking obstacle. (Faientice to ping, etc) k_nSteamNetworkingPing_Unrecognized is returned if we cannot presently answer the question for some other factor.Do you have to have the ability to do this from a backend/matchmaking server? You are in search of the "game coordinator" library. See steamdatagramrelay for more details on exactly how to obtain the game coordinator SDK.


Same as EstimatePingTime, however assumes that one location is the regional host. This is a bit much faster, specifically if you need to calculate a bunch of these in a loop to find the fastest one.In rare situations this might rerevolve a slightly different estimate than combining GetLocalPingLocation via EstimatePingTimeBetweenTwoLocations. That"s bereason this attribute supplies a slightly more finish collection of information about what route would certainly be taken.


void ConvertPingLocationToString( const SteamNetworkPingLocation_t &place, char *pszBuf, int cchBufSize );
Convert a ping location right into a message format suitable for sending over the wire. The format is a compact and also human readable. However before, it is subject to adjust so please do not parse it yourself. Your buffer need to be at least k_cchMaxSteamNetworkingPingLocationString bytes.


Parse earlier SteamNetworkPingLocation_t string. Returns false if we couldn"t understand the string.

Ping Measurement Status Functions

Using the relay netjob-related calls for latency measurements be taken. Aside from calling InitializeRelayNetworkAccess when your application boots (if you recognize you will require accessibility to the relay network-related to send traffic or simply estimate pings), the latency gathering process will certainly occur instantly. These attributes enable a little bit even more manage over the procedure.


Check if the ping data of sufficient recency is easily accessible, and also if it"s also old, start refreshing it.Please just speak to this feature when you really do should force an instant refresh of the information. (For instance, in response to a specific user input to refresh this information.) Don"t speak to it "simply in case", prior to every link, and so on. That will cause additional web traffic to be sent for no benefit. The library will instantly refresh the information as necessary.Returns true if sufficiently current data is already easily accessible.Retransforms false if sufficiently recent information is not available. In this case, ping measurement is initiated, if it is not currently energetic. (You cannot restart a measurement currently in progress.)


Return true if we are taking ping dimensions to update our ping location or pick optimal routing. Ping measurement generally takes a couple of seconds, probably up to 10 seconds.

Valve Network-related Topology Functions

List of Valve points of visibility ("POP"), and also ping times to them. This can be helpful to you if you are usage our hosting, or simply must meacertain latency to a cloud data center wright here we are running relays.


Fetch ping time of best easily accessible relayed course from this organize to the stated data center.

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Get list of all POP IDs. Returns the variety of entries that were filled right into your list.

Config Functions

Control networking choices. See ESteamNetworkingConfigValue for individual descriptions.


bool SetConfigValue( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, ESteamNetworkingConfigScope eScopeType, intptr_t scopeObj,ESteamNetworkingConfigDataType eDataType, const void *pArg );
Set a configuration value. eValue: which value is being collection eScope: Onto what form of object are you using the setting? scopeArg: Which object you want to change? (Ignored for international scope). E.g. connection manage, listen socket take care of, interconfront guideline, and so on. eDataType: What type of information is in the buffer at pValue? This should match the form of the variable exactly! pArg: Value to set it to.You have the right to pass NULL to remove a non-worldwide establishing at this scope, leading to the worth for that object to usage worldwide defaults. Or at international scope, passing NULL will reset any type of practice value and regain it to the device default.NOTE: When setting callback functions, execute not pass the attribute tip straight. Your argument should be a tip to a role reminder.


ESteamNetworkingGetConfigValueResult GetConfigValue( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, ESteamNetworkingConfigScope eScopeType, intptr_t scopeObj,ESteamNetworkingConfigDataType *pOutDataType, void *pResult, size_t *cbResult );
Get a configuration value. eValue: which worth to fetch eScopeType: query setting on what type of object eScopeArg: the object to query the setting for pOutDataType: If non-NULL, the data form of the worth is returned. pResult: Where to put the result. Pass NULL to query the required buffer dimension. (k_ESteamNetworkingGetConfigValue_BufferTooSmall will certainly be returned.) cbResult: IN: the size of your buffer. OUT: the variety of bytes filled in or required.


bool GetConfigValueInfo( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, const char **pOutName, ESteamNetworkingConfigDataType *pOutDataType, ESteamNetworkingConfigScope *pOutScope, ESteamNetworkingConfigValue *pOutNextValue );
Returns info about a configuration value.Any of the output parameters have the right to be NULL if you execute not require that information.pOutNextValue deserve to be supplied to iteprice through every one of the recognized configuration worths. (Use GetFirstConfigValue() to begin the iteration, will be k_ESteamNetworkingConfig_Invalid on the last value)Returns false if the value does not exist.


Rerotate the lowest numbered configuration value easily accessible in the existing environment.Use this to begin iteration via all of the configuration values.

Shortcuts for widespread cases

The complying with functions are handy shortcuts for common usage situations.
bool SetGlobalConfigValueInt32( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, int32 val );bool SetGlobalConfigValueFloat( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, float val );bool SetGlobalConfigValueString( ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, const char *val );bool SetConnectionConfigValueInt32( HSteamNetConnection hConn, ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, int32 val );bool SetConnectionConfigValueFloat( HSteamNetConnection hConn, ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, float val );bool SetConnectionConfigValueString( HSteamNetConnection hConn, ESteamNetworkingConfigValue eValue, const char *val );
Alsituate and initialize a message object. Generally the reason you contact this is to pass it to ISteamNetworkingSockets::SendMessages. The changed object will have actually every one of the pertinent fields cleared to zero.Optionally you have the right to likewise repursuit that this mechanism allocate space to hold the payfill itself. If cbAllocateBuffer is nonzero, the system will certainly alsituate memory to organize a payload of at leastern cbAllocateBuffer bytes. m_pDocuments will allude to the allocated buffer, m_cbSize will be collection to the size, and m_pfnFreeData will certainly be collection to the correct feature to complimentary up the buffer.If cbAllocateBuffer=0, then no buffer is allocated. m_pFile will certainly be NULL, m_cbSize will be zero, and m_pfnFreeFile will certainly be NULL. You will need to set each of these.


A basic purpose high resolution regional timer through the complying with properties: Monotonicity is guaranteed. The initial value will be at leastern 24*3600*30*1e6, i.e. around 30 days worth of microseconds. In this way, the timestamp worth of 0 will constantly be at least "30 days ago". Also, negative numbers will certainly never before be reverted. Wrapapproximately / overcirculation is not a practical problem.SteamNetworkingMessage_t::m_usecTimeReceived has a timestamp that is from the very same timer.If you are running under the debugger and also soptimal the procedure, the clock could not development the full wall clock time that has actually elapsed between calls. If the procedure is not blocked from normal procedure, the timestamp values will track wall clock time, even if you don"t call the feature typically.The value is just coherent for this run of the process. Don"t compare it to values derived on an additional computer, or other runs of the exact same process.


void SetDebugOutputFunction( ESteamNetworkingSocketsDebugOutputType eDetailLevel, FSteamNetworkingSocketsDebugOutput pfnFunc );
Set a role to obtain network-related indevelopment that is advantageous for debugging.This can be exceptionally valuable in the time of advance, but it can likewise be beneficial for troubleshooting difficulties with technology savvy end individuals. If you have a console or various other log that customers have the right to examine, these log messperiods have the right to often be useful to troubleshoot network-related problems.(Especially any warning/error messperiods.)The detail level suggests what message to invoke your callago on. Lower numeric worth suggests even more necessary, and also the worth you pass is the lowest priority (highest possible numeric value) you wish to receive callbacks for. Except once debugging, you must just usage k_ESteamNetworkingSocketsDebugOutputType_Msg or k_ESteamNetworkingSocketsDebugOutputType_Warning. For ideal performance, do NOT request a high information level and also then filter out messperiods in your callago. Instead, call this attribute to readjust the desired level of detail.IMPORTANT: This might be referred to as from a service threview, while we very own a mutex, etc. Your callago attribute have to be threadsafe and fast! Do not make any type of otherSteamfunctions calls from within the handler.

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Steamfunctions is the collection of tools and solutions developed by Valve that assist you configure, regulate, and operate your game on Steam.