Cannot locate the internet server or proxy

I am utilizing the latest variation of Safari, the many approximately day variation of Word for Mac.

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I have a paper via a link to an external survey. When I click the link, I obtain the error message.

"Unable to open . Cannot find the internet server or proxy server. Word."

I opened the exact same record in a COMPUTER. The attach functions.

The exact same habits exists through PowerPoint.

I never had this problem till now. Now my search for a solution shows that I"m not alone.Is there a fix?

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What"s the link?

It"s possible that they are using a COMPUTER just attach. And if they are, they are breakingW3C Standards they last agreed to follow years ago

Let me watch if I have the right to usage any type of web web browser to acquire in.



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Word sindicate hands the connect to Mac OS and then Mac OS opens up the web page in whatever before internet web browser you have specified as the default internet browser for your Mac.

Try opening the connect in a different web internet browser, however first make certain your Mac"s internet connection is functioning.

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I am an unphelp volunteer and do not work-related for "Independent Advisors" work-related for builders hired by " Agents" job-related for Support.

Guess I"m late to the party here - yet I have actually this difficulty as well. Per the MS auto update for office 2011 - I am on the latest version of Office 2011 for Mac, macOS Sierra version 10.12.3, Safari 10.0.3.

I"m making use of Norton Internet Security - through application and connection controls active, however Word is permitted. No indication in the logs that Word ever before attempted to access the internet.

I inserted the attach utilizing K, manually typed the connect offered manually in Safari. The attach operated in Safari, did not occupational from Word.

I duplicated the connect from Safari and placed it into the "Link to:" area in the Edit Hyperconnect form - very same outcome.

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I duplicated the attach from the Edit Hyperattach develop, pasted it right into the Safari deal with - operated fine. Did the very same for Chrome - worked fine.

Is tright here some various other setting or filter that I deserve to check?

Thanks in advance

==== Some additional info below, it appears that the issue might be more site connected than setup ??? ====

links that are not functioning from within the Word Document:

web links that are functioning from within the Word Document:

when the web links work-related, Word mirrors that it is "...preparing to pack this record."