If you’re playing on the PlayStation 4 and also have actually encountered an error message that reads (CE-34878-0), you’ve concerned the right area. PS4 Error (CE-34878-0) points in the direction of some sort of problem that reasons the game or application that is presently in usage to crash. It’s a basic error that may occur because of corrupted information or a system software problem. It might show up from time to time.

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A restart is commonly sufficient to settle the issue. But tbelow are some cases wbelow you require even more troubleshooting. Generally, if this error happens regularly and provides the game unplayable, it could suggest even more than a normal crash, which indicates your console may require organization.


In many instances, the genuine reason of this error is a faulty storage device on which you set up the game/app. Typically it’s the PS4 inner hard drive that’s gaining old and requirements to “retire”.

You may not know that PS4 makes use of a cheap and outdated difficult drive that no much longer meets the minimal storage requirements these days. You have the right to check the PS4 difficult drive specs to fully understand why significant players go and upgrade their PS4’s difficult drive. It’s not just the added storage that allures them to relocation the PS4 HDD, however also the solid performance. You deserve to read more around upgrading PS4 inner hard drive and also the benefits you’ll obtain in this write-up.

So, let’s relocate on trying to deal with that problem.

Major PS4 Games Camaking use of Error Code (CE-34878-0)

According to reports, tbelow are six major PS4 games that cause this error throughout the gameplay. They are:

Spider ManCall of Duty: Babsence Ops 4NBA 2K19FIFA 19Red Dead OnlineFortnite

Other games are likewise connected, however these are the the majority of ones that reason that error on PS4.

Official Error Fix

If you visit the official webwebsite of PlayStation, you’ll uncover a argued set of steps to deal with that error.

An error has occurred via the application.

Close the application, install the latest System Software and also game updays and also restart the device.If you have actually upgraded the Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) in your mechanism, please re-install the original HDD.If the error occurs aacquire, ago up your saved information, and also then go to > and pick .

Many users discover this suggested solution insufficient and not that helpful. For that factor I have actually compiled this quick report to provide a completely comprehensive solution to that error.

Diagnose the Error First

Before trying to solve PS4 Error Code (CE-34878-0), you need to diagnose that error by watching the habits of your console. Be observant and take a note on when this error precisely happens.

If it happens when PS4 starts up and also at the exceptionally minute it lots the house display screen, it suggests that you might should initialize PS4 or format the inner tough drive.In many kind of instances, it happens as soon as running games or watching movies only. Yet, once running applications, it works just fine. That indicates there’s a trouble with the PS4 graphics card. In some instances, simply connecting it to one more monitor deserve to solve this issue.If this error occurs only via games set up on an outside hard drive, it indicates it’s defective. Most most likely it suffers from poor sectors and also you need to FULL (not quick) format it. Full format will eliminate/resolve negative sectors and also restore the shed performance of the drive.When you play virtual and error (CE-34878-0) shows up, the majority of most likely it’s your internet connection gained interrupted.A sudden power surge or an abrupt hardware faiattract deserve to reason this error also. Normally this is short-term and also won’t repeat.

Ultimately, whatever before the reason is, you much better go via this overview and uncover a correct deal with for Error Code (CE-34878-0) that suits you best.

Restart the PS4

When you view error code CE-34878-0, the first and most basic point you should execute is rebegin the PS4. Later on, inspect to watch whether that has actually reresolved the problem or not.

Follow these basic procedures provided below to successfully carry out this operation.

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Turn the PS4 off.Disattach the PS4’s power supply from the power outlet.Wait for 30-60 seconds.Plug the power supply ago in.Turn on the PS4 and let it boot up.

Once the console boots up, launch that specific game/app that led to the error and also see whether Error (CE-34878-0) shows up aacquire or not.

Upday PS4 System Software

Updating PS4 system software program can settle many kind of issues pertained to the console’s performance. For that factor, it’s imperative to save your consingle up to day with the latest variation of device software.


To start the process, just perform the following:

Go to the PlayStation residence display screen, choose Settings.Choose “System Software Update” to install the most recent update.Your PS4 will certainly examine for obtainable updays for its system software and install any kind of that are accessible. Let the consingle execute its point.After the installation is properly accomplished, rebegin the PS4 and also inspect that specific game/application that caused the error.

Now, if this has actually not resolved the error and also you still seeing that annoying message, try the various other remedies.

Upday the Game/App

Sometimes the faitempt occurs from the game/application itself because of deficient/improper coded file. That’s why the manufacturers save releasing updating patches for their games/apps to deal with these problems.


To perform that, simply follow these measures below:

Go to the PlayStation Home display.Highlight the game affected by this trouble.Press the Options switch on the controller.Highlight and select Check for update to examine for game updates for the impacted game and install any that are easily accessible.

Once the process is finish, try to launch the gane/app and check out whether the trouble has gone or not yet.

Turn Off Face Recognition


If a PS Camera is linked to the system, remove it and reboot the mechanism, then rotate off Enable Face Recognition.

From the PlayStation 4 residence display screen, choose Settings.Select User.Select Login Setups.Uninspect Enable Face Recognition.

Disable Mods

Some gamers evidenced that disabling recently included mods aided them repair this error code. While this solution can not work-related for all customers, it is worth trying it out.

Change PS4 Display Settings


It has actually been reported by some individuals that altering the video output settings from Automatic to 720p would certainly resolve this problem. Other reremedies might work fine too. So, try all of them and also view what suits you ideal.

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By default, the PlayStation 4 will certainly instantly control video output settings, but if you want to use a details video resolution:

Go to Settings > Sound and Screen.Select Video Output Setups > Resolution.Select your default resolution:480p720p1080i1080p (the default resolution for the majority of PS4 games)

That’s it all.