Seeing PS4 error code CE-35694-7 can be incredibly annoying, particularly if it"s a recurring problem.To begin resolving this concern, try deleting irappropriate games and information from your hard-drive, and also then follow the next procedures.

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A database reconstruct is a PS4 alternate to a manufacturing facility reset. Thus, you must initially ago up your game saves either on a USB storage drive or on the cloud.Go to the Settings food selection on your home screen ribbon.Scroll dvery own to the Initialization alternative and also hit the X switch to pick it.Select Initialize PS4.Select Full via the X button for a complete reboot of your device.

Start troubleshooting the PS4 error code CE-35694-7 from the first solution in this guide. Deleting unused data would most most likely deal with the PS4 error code CE-35694-7.

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If this stops working, it indicates that your consingle is having actually troubles processing the correct empty storage space on the difficult disk.

In this case, you now need to force a System Storage condition examine. If this also doesn’t work-related, your last retype is to initialize the PS4 console.

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Make certain you ago up your game saves and also data before initializing your device. Hopefully, these approaches must clear the error and let you continue to gain your PS4.