Chrome keeps opening to last page

I have Chrome collection to open to one tab only -- Google. However, after closing eextremely tab and also relaunching Chrome, all the previously-closed tabs are loaded instead. Not the last tab from the last session, but all of them. I"ve double- and also triple-checked the settings, and they"re as intended, however Chrome seems to sindicate ignore them. What could be leading to this?


Go to Chrome settings and also in "On startup" section you need to choose "Open the brand-new tab page" or "Open a details web page or pages". If this does not job-related, sometimes you need to reinstall Chrome to have actually a fresh start.

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Click on "Sjust how hidden symbol arrow" Which is Present right into the right-bottom of the taskbar and also exit the chrome correctly and also rebegin the chrome. its functions for me hope same will helps you.


On a MAC = open up chrome through a tab or two- then pick apple food selection and also FORCE QUIT.

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Find Chrome on the list and also quit it

On rebegin it currently closes all tabs as soon as dismissed


Open Chrome settings. Open State-of-the-art. Scroll all the means dvery own to System and also revolve off, "proceed running background apps once Google Chrome is closed."

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