Civ 5 closes on startup


Have you come across Civilization 5 not launching? A good many human being complain that their Civilization 5 won’t launch Windows 10. Don’t worry. This write-up of MiniDevice explores several effective solutions.

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How to Fix Civilization 5 Not Launching

No matter you are dealing with which scenario, you have the right to select a perfect solution detailed below. Now, let’s check out just how to fix Civilization 5 not launching.

Fix 1. Upday Graphics Card Driver

As you understand, a graphic card driver is an essential component that connects your games and the hardware. Once the graphics card driver gets corrupted or absent, your game will certainly run into assorted troubles favor Civilization 5 won’t launch. To fix the worry, you can try updating the graphics card driver. Here’s how:

Tip 1. Right-click the Start food selection and also select Device Manager from the context food selection.

Step 2. Expand also the Display adapters category, and also then right-click the graphics card driver and select Upday Driver.


Tip 3. Then you have the right to select Search immediately for updated driver software option to update the driver automatically.


Now, rebegin your computer and also examine if the Civilization 5 crashing on startup still persists.

Fix 2. Run Civilization 5 in Compatibility Mode

Civilization 5 won’t launch if tbelow are any incompatibilities problems. So, we recommfinish running Civilization V in compatibility mode. Here’s a simple guide:

Step 1. Right-click the Civilization V shortcut and also choose Properties from the context food selection.

Step 2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and also tick the checkbox following to Run this regime in compatibility mode for. And then click OK and Apply to execute this adjust.


Step 3. Select Run Compatibility Troubleshooter and click Yes in the triggered home window. After that, Windows will certainly recognize the finest settings for this game automatically.

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Fix 3. Install DirectX

DirectX is offered to handle multi tasks that are related to multimedia and game programming. If this routine is missing, your game may run into some difficulties like Civilization 5 won’t launch after DirectX selection.

To resolve the issue, you have to install the latest variation of DirectX for Civilization 5. Click here to downfill the forced DirectX from Microsoft Windows. Also, you deserve to situate the Civilization 5 catalog and also discover the DXSetup file, then run this file to install DirectX. After that, you have the right to check if Civilization 5 won’t launch Windows 10.

Fix 4. Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

Civilization 5 crashes on startup when the game records get corrupted or absent. To deal with the issue, you’d much better verify the integrity of the game’s records. Here’s how to execute that:

Step 1. Launch your Steam client, and also then navigate to the Library tab, and then right-click Civilization 5 from the list of installed games and also select Properties.

Step 2. In the Properties window, navigate to the Local Files section and also click the Verify Integrity of Video Game Files alternative.


--picture from youtube

Tip 3. Steam will verify the game documents automatically. You have to wait for a few minutes to finish this process.

Once the process completes, relaunch the game and also watch if the issue “Civilization 5 won’t launch” is addressed or not.

Fix 5. Percreate a Clean Boot

As pointed out in the over, some third-party software program may dispute through the game and also reason Civilization 5 not launching. Some software program choose Lucid Virtu and Alienware LightFX are reported to trigger the crashing worry.

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To check which program is resulting in the Civilization 5 crashing on startup concern, you have the right to perform a clean boot. Once you find the conflicting software, you can uninstall it. If you don’t recognize the in-depth procedures, this write-up “How to Clean Boot Windows 10” is what you require.