Civ 6 freezing between turns

Sometimes, when clicking the "next turn" switch on a late rotate, Civilization V freezes (and also in the background Windows reflects an error, so it actually crashes). When this happens it is reproducible - i.e. if it crashes when trying to go from revolve 396 to 397, then as soon as loading aacquire turn 396 or 390 (from the autosave) or also previously, it will still crash.

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Searching online shows this happens to other players also, commonly on late game transforms in expensive maps - yet I was not able to uncover a solution. Does anyone recognize of a means to continue playing when this happens?



After some testing, I guessed it was bereason the game was trying to display me also many kind of things on the rotate transition - so what I did wregarding adjust to strategic view (F10) simply prior to clicking "following turn", then the shift was quick and also I was able to reach the following revolve without crashing. I then changed earlier from strategic to normal see.

I didn"t need to perform it in succeeding transforms, passing that turn whatever seemed to go earlier to normal.

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This often happened to me too - whenever i clicked following turn, the game would certainly freeze as soon as taking the turn of the city says. I tried finding a solution on the internet, however i didnt uncover anypoint. I then tried some launch options and also ultimately i discovered a solution.-In your games library, best click on civ 5 and select "properties"-click on "collection launch options"-kind in the adhering to in the quotation marks (yet dont type the quotation marks): "-high"This must have fixed the isue, it sets civ 5 to run on high priority. Apologies if this doesnt job-related for you, yet it functioned fine for me :D


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“Civilization V has actually stopped working” crash on revolve handling, on leave to main menu/desktop and also on pack game from ingame
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