Civ 6 keeps crashing on same turn

If Civilization 6 keeps crashing on your COMPUTER, don’t concern. Tbelow are services to fix your problem. Check the approaches below and fix your trouble conveniently and easily.

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How to deal with CIV 6 crashing

Here are the options to deal with CIV 6 crashing. You shouldn’t have to attempt them all; simply occupational your means dvery own the list until everything’s functioning again.

Method 1: Install the latest patch

Outdated versions of the software may lug buggy worries when you’re utilizing the software, and Civilization VI is no exception. That’s why the software developers keep releasing new patches to resolve bugs and improve features.

So examine for updays for Civilization VI and also install any type of easily accessible updays. Then restart your computer and also check out if the game stops crashing or not.

Method 2: Speak overclocking your CPU

Overclocking implies setting your CPU and memory to run at speeds greater than their main rate price, and virtually all processors ship via a rate rating. However before, this might cause your game crashing or freezing. In that case, you must collection your CPU clock speed price ago to the default to settle your problem.

Method 3: Upday your graphics card driver

If gadget motorists in your computer are missing or outdated, particularly your graphics card driver, you may have actually the game crashing concern. To preeminence it out as the culprit for CIV 6 crashing, attempt updating your video card driver to the latest variation.

Tright here are 2 ways to update your tool drivers: manually and also automatically.

Option 1 – Manually – You’ll need some computer skills and patience to update your drivers this method, because you need to discover precisely the right driver virtual, downfill it and also install it action by action.


Option 2 – Automatically (recommended) – This is the quickest and simplest option. It’s all done via just a couple of computer mouse clicks – basic also if you’re a computer system newbie.

Option 1 – Downfill and also install the driver manually

Your tool manufacturers store updating drivers. To obtain them, you need to go to the manufacturer webwebsite of your graphics card, find the driver equivalent via your certain flavor of Windows version (for instance, Windows 64 bit) and download the driver manually.

Once you’ve downloaded the correct motorists for your device, double click the downloaded file and also follow the on-display instructions to install the driver.

Option 2 – Automatically upday your drivers

If you don’t have the moment, patience, or computer abilities to upday your vehicle drivers manually, you deserve to do it automatically through Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will certainly immediately acknowledge your device and also find the correct motorists for it. You don’t have to recognize exactly what device your computer is running, you don’t have to hazard downloading and also installing the wrong driver, and also you don’t should worry about making a mistake while installing.

You can upday your drivers immediately with either the FREE or the Pro variation of Driver Easy. But through the Pro variation it takes just 2 clicks.

1) Download and also install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then shave the right to your computer and detect any trouble chauffeurs.


3) Click Update All to immediately downfill and also install the correct version of all the chauffeurs that are lacking or outdated on your system (this calls for the Pro version – you’ll be triggered to upgrade as soon as you click Update All).


4) Restart your computer system to take effect.

Now launch CIV 6 and also check out if the crashing worry has actually been reresolved.

Method 4: Use Medium or Low settings for your game

Settings a high graphics result for your game may crash your computer, so it’s always a go-to choice to set the graphics alternatives to Medium or Low.

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For instance, you have to go to Civilization VI > Video Game Options > Graphics, then set settings choose Medium or Low, including Performance Impact, Memory Impact, Visual Effects, Water Quality, and so on.

You deserve to select Windowed mode as your Display Type and also view if it stops crashing your computer system.

Method 5: Disable DLC for CIV 6

Generally the game developers release Downloadable Content (DLC) for players, which is added content developed for an already-released video game to have actually much better experience.

If you use DLC once playing Civilization VI, attempt disabling DLC for your game, as DLC may carry unknown bugs to your game occasionally.

If CIV 6 works correctly after turning off DLC, then you need to stop using DLC when playing your game, or report your problem to the game assistance.

Method 6: Turn off antivirus program for your game

Running antivirus programs in your computer system deserve to cause your game crashing, as your antivirus program might detect your game regimen as virus or somepoint, and also antivirus program will certainly try to soptimal your game from running.

So if you’re running antivirus programs in your computer system, attempt disable the antivirus regimen, then view if CIV 6 can launch and play appropriately.

If CIV 6 runs smoothly and also no crashing occurs, the antivirus routine is the culprit.

Disabling antivirus routine all the moment is not recommfinished considering that it protects your computer from assaults. So ensure to add CIV 6 to the exemption in your antivirus program, then you can run CIV 6 and antivirus regimen at the exact same time.

Still no luck? Okay, there is an additional point to attempt.

Method 7: Reinstall CIV 6

If your difficulty still persists after troubleshooting the techniques above, attempt reinstalling your game.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Launch Steam in your computer system, and log into your Steam account.

2) Click Library > Games.


3) Right click on Civilization VI and also click Properties.


4) Click the Local Files tab, then click Browser Local Files to open the file place in Documents Explorer.


5) Click Uninstall Game, then follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall CIV 6.


6) Open Data Explorer that you simply open by means of Steam, and also ensure to delete all the papers in that game folder.

7) Once you deleted the game documents, reinstall CIV 6 into your computer.

8) Now play CIV 6 and check out if it runs correctly.

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So tbelow you have it – the salso solutions to resolve CIV 6 crashing in your computer system. Should you have any type of questions or suggestions, feel cost-free to leave us a comment below.