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In this quick overview we’ll present you just how to clear the cache on your Galaxy Keep in mind 8 so you have the right to deal with any potential troubles. Whether you desire to clear an app’s cache or the device cache for your phone, here’s how. These actions can likewise help you complimentary up space or provide your phone a fresh begin after the current upday to Android 8.0 Oreo.

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Unfavor a manufacturing facility information reset, wiping the cache partition does not delete any kind of individual information on the Note 8. Instead, this process removes momentary papers from the phone’s storage and also memory. First, we’ll quickly show you just how to clear both in our video below. Otherwise, store analysis for the step-by-step instructions with screenshots to assist you alengthy the way.

This video is from the Galaxy S8, yet the exact very same measures apply for the Galaxy Keep in mind 8.

Before we start, you’re most likely wondering what the “cache” also is. Well, once you open or use apps they store papers, information, or information for usage later. That way the phone or app is quicker the following time you usage it. As an instance, once you fill Facebook it caches the majority of the app, including auto-play videos or your feed, that method whatever is faster while you scroll through the content. Games pack data to the cache, and nearly eextremely application caches at leastern some information.

Sometimes this info conserved in the cache takes up loads of room, or deserve to even cause apps to misbehave actually. This exact same procedure happens throughout software application updays, just on a bigger range. That’s why clearing the device cache is an important step in a lot of guides on how to solve difficulties via your phone. It clears out residual leftovers from apps or updays and also gives your phone a fresh start. So, here’s how to perform it.

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 8Press and hold the Volume Up key Bixby vital, and also press and also hold the Power vital (Hold all three dvery own as the phone boots)When the Android logo design screens (blue screen), release all keys (You’ll watch “Installing mechanism update” for 30-60 seconds) Just wait for the Android recovery food selection shown listed below to popup. Be patient, it’ll appear.

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After waiting about a minute, you’ll see something comparable to our photo over. This is the Android recoincredibly menu on the Galaxy Keep in mind 8. Now, perform this:

Press the Volume down vital to scroll down to “wipe cache partition”Tap the Power button to select (enter)Press the Volume down crucial to “Yes” to confirm this action, and also press Power aobtain to startWhen the wipe cache partition is complete, “Reboot device now” is highlighted.Tap Power key to rebegin your Galaxy Note 8

As lengthy as the phone is off, and also you hold all three butlots at the exact same time, the whole time until you check out the blue display, you’ll be fine. Be very cautious in this food selection though, and also make sure you don’t accidentally wipe data/factory data reset. As this will erase your entire phone, and also everything on it. Only clear the “cache partition” and also it just.

Another widespread step is to clear the cache for apps on your phone. This will certainly resolve a misbehaving app, or totally free up room once something like Instagram or Facebook are founding to use up as well a lot room after months of use. Each application temporarily stores indevelopment. And slowly, that cache starts to add up and you can run out of area on your phone. Here’s exactly how to clear the cache on each application themselves.

Head to Settings in the app tray (or tap the gear-shaped setting switch in the pulldown bar)Select Apps or ApplicationsScroll with the list and discover the app you’d choose to clear (we chose Instagram)Now, tap on StorageSelect Clear Cache

Tap on clear cache and you’re all set. Don’t click clear information, or it’ll erase content from your apps. That contains app login details, settings, and also preferences. And while that won’t reason any type of troubles, it’s frustrating to redo everything. That’s why you must only clear the cache in this settings food selection.

Once you clear the cache for apps favor Facebook or Instagram, you’ll obtain many room ago on your phone. That’s because they temporarily hold most indevelopment, including videos. A lot of apps and also games have tons of data too. Clear the cache on any app that’s not working appropriate, and give it one more try.

When Should You Clear the Cache?

So as soon as need to you clear an app’s cache or your Keep in mind 8 cache? Well, usually never. And while it deserve to aid after a significant upday favor the Galaxy Android 8.0 Oreo update, you still shouldn’t must. That sassist, if an application starts to misbehave or “feel” slow and also laggy, this is a good location to begin. Or, uninstall and reinstall the application.

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Otherwise, usage these procedures to aid you through our list of widespread Galaxy Keep in mind 8 problems, or to fix Galaxy Note 8 battery life problems. Drop a comment listed below through any kind of questions or involves.


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