Clone raid 0 to single drive

I have actually a brand-new computer with 2 500gb drives in RAID 0 configuration and also newly moved all information and also programs to the computer. I desire to clone the information on the RAID to my single 2TB drive .

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I have actually had actually ATIH 2010 for some time using the updated version. The program will only allow me to clone the routine in "Manual" mode and also "AS IS". I finish up via a partitioned (?) 2TB drive. I would certainly favor to have actually a single drive setup. If I attempt to clone any type of other method I acquire the following message:

"Faibrought about move the selected information. Make certain that your new drive is not smaller sized that your old one and your partitions perform not contain errors. You deserve to inspect for the errors and correct them using a special energy."

The 2TB difficult drive is excellent and also fully operational.

I would appreciate any kind of ideas on how to make this job-related for me.

Thanks You

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If using the "AS is" option and you have actually the remaining in unallocated space, this have the right to quickly be corrected to extend the single partition to consume the extra room. Article a photo of the brand-new disk after cloning making use of the Windows Disk Management graphical watch. One of the free disk partitioning devices could easily extfinish the partition boundaries. More information accessible if required.

You might likewise find some help by clicking on the top line of my signature below and also lot at index item #3-VV. This reflects how to usage the Manual cloning approach (clone to bigger disk) to redimension the partition.

Anvarious other choice would be to execute a disk choice backup and then reclaim the backup onto the new disk. The index item #3-AA reflects exactly how this could be done.

I am not a raid user so I am assuming the backup and reclaim would certainly act simply like a single disk backup and also regain.

Before cloning, it is constantly an excellent security exercise to have actually a full disk backup as a security reserve in situation tbelow are cloning worries through your resource disk.

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Can you explain what you are trying to do? I am not clear whether the information you are trying to move from the RAID 0 of Computer A to the single 2TB disk of Computer B consists of the OS.

If it contains the OS, and also you desire this on the 2TB, and also the 2TB is going to be a bootable disk, you will certainly many most likely have actually a BSOD on boot bereason you not only readjust the computer, yet additionally the disk controller from RAID to IDE/AHCI.

If it has the OS, but you don"t want the OS on the 2TB, then do not use a clone. Just backup your computer, and gain back the content to the 2TB.

If tright here is no OS in the RAID 0, yet you desire to regain only a certain partition, exact same thing as above: execute a backup, regain on the 2TB.

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Thanks for every one of your insight and sorry I was not even more clear in my question. I am very novice at this.

I am trying to make my 2TB the new boot drive without partitions (doing ameans via the 2 500gb drives in RAID 0 configuration). I recognize nopoint around RAID configurations, the new computer came that way. The software application sees the brand-new drive as a RAID drive as well?

Pat L - The adhering to sounds choose what I need/want to carry out but do not totally understand it? What is a BSOD?

"If it consists of the OS, and also you desire this on the 2TB, and also the 2TB is going to be a bootable disk, you will certainly a lot of likely have actually a BSOD on boot bereason you not just adjust the computer, but also the disk controller from RAID to IDE/AHCI. "

Each time I try to clone the drive other than in "Manual" mode and "AS IS" I get the complying with error message "Faibrought about relocate the selected data. Make sure that your new drive is not smaller that your old one and also your partitions carry out not contain errors. You have the right to check for the errors and also correct them utilizing a distinct utility." This is confmaking use of as well.

GroverH - As requested I have actually attached a picture of the disk in Windows Disk Management.

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I hope this added indevelopment provides the question clearer. I really appreciate both of your time and specialization.