Computer randomly alt tabs to desktop

Does nothing occur when you push Alt-Tab in Windows 10? Do your applications disappear before you deserve to Tab your way via to them? Or does the app switcher fail to open up a regime once you’ve schosen it?

Many type of factors have the right to soptimal the Alt-Tab key-board shortreduced from functioning correctly on your computer. Technical glitches, corrupt keyboard vehicle drivers, conflicting device settings, and so on, are simply a few.

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4. Select Apply, then OK, to save the changes.

5. Open the Start food selection and pick Settings.

6. Select Personalization.

7. Switch to the Taskbar side-tab.

8. Turn on the switch beside Use Peek to ptestimonial the desktop.

9. Exit the Setups pane and restart your computer.

8. Update Video Card Drivers

The Alt-Tab application switcher deserve to sheight functioning if you have actually any outdated video card motorists on your computer system. Try updating them.

You can acquire the latest graphics card chauffeurs by heading over to the Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD websites. Additionally, you have the right to usage a driver updater routine to upday the video drivers on your computer instantly.

9. Update Windows 10

If you proceed to have problems, you need to update Windows 10. That must take care of any type of well-known bugs that prevent the Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut from working appropriately.

1. Open the Start food selection and select Settings.

2. Select Update & Security.

3. Under the Windows Update side-tab, choose Check for Updays and install any type of pending updates.

In addition, select the View optional updates choice and also install any hardware driver updates.

10. Run a Malware Scan

A malicious routine have the right to hijack your computer and also sheight core Windows 10 functionalities from working effectively. If you haven’t already, use Windows Security to percreate a quick sdeserve to for malware currently.

1. Open the Start food selection and pick Settings.

2. Select Upday & Security.

3. Switch to the Windows Security side-tab.

4. Select Virus & danger protection.

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5. Select Fast Scan.

It’s ideal to follow that up via a dedicated malware removal tool such as Malwarebytes to make certain that your computer system is cost-free of malware.

11. Run SFC Scan

Run the System Documents Checker (SFC) through the elevated Command Prompt consingle to sdeserve to and fix any kind of corrupted system files on your computer.

Open the Start menu, kind cmd, and also choose Run as administrator.Type sfc /scannow.
Press Enter to initiate the shave the right to.

The SFC scan need to take several minutes to finish. Reboot your computer system afterward and also inspect if Alt-Tab works without concerns.

12. Switch to Old Alt-Tab Viewer

Try switching to the older Alt-Tab app switcher (which screens app symbols instead of preview thumbnails) and also watch if that helps.

1. Press Windows+R to open Run.

2. Type regedit and also select OK.

3. Copy and paste the complying with path right into the address bar to the peak of the Registry Editor window and also press Enter:


4. Right-click the AltTabSetups registry enattempt and pick Modify.

5. Set the worth as 1 and pick OK.

6. Restart your computer and also examine if Alt-Tab works without worries.

Suppose you can’t watch the AltTabSettings registry key within the Registry Editor. Open an elevated Command Prompt consingle and also run the complying with command:

REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorer /v AltTabSettings /t REG_DWORD /d 1

That need to produce an AltTabSettings regisattempt vital through the correct value immediately. You execute not need to revisit the Registry Editor, but you have to reboot your computer.

13. Tweak Multitasking Settings

Do you usage multiple desktops in Windows 10? If so, the Alt-Tab app switcher will certainly not expose open apps throughout desktops unmuch less you modify the Multitasking settings.

1. Open the Start food selection and pick Settings.

2. Select System.

3. Switch to the Multitasking side-tab. Then, open the menu under Pressing Alt+Tab mirrors windows that are open on and also select All Desktops.

The Multitasking display likewise has an additional establishing that permits you to tweak the Alt-Tab application switcher’s behavior when you use it with Microsoft Edge. Use the menu under the Alt+Tab section to recognize if you desire the app switcher to reveal web browser tabs as sepaprice windows or not.

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Alt-Tab Your Way Through

Many likely, you finished up fixing Alt-Tab directly off the bat by refounding the Windows Explorer procedure. If not, the various other fixes should’ve promoted Alt-Tab not working. If you still have actually issues, yet, you have to attempt resetting Windows 10 to manufacturing facility settings. That have to take treatment of any corrupt settings or other problems protecting against your computer system from functioning correctly.