Configuring windows updates stuck at 35 after disk cleanup

If you start the updates’ installation simply as the computer is shutting down, it have the right to fail. The Windows upday deserve to get stuck at different times depending upon the form of computer system and your Windows version. With the services in this write-up, you will certainly have the ability to fix this error.



If you start the updates" installation simply as the computer is shutting dvery own, it can fail. The Windows upday deserve to obtain stuck at different times depending upon the kind of computer system and also your Windows variation. With the remedies in this article, you will be able to settle this error.

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The Windows Error, "Failure Configuring Windows Updates"- Why does it Occur?

Tbelow are numerous reasons why this error occurs and also they are enumerated below:

The Integrity of the Data System is Compromised: The file device of your difficult drive have the right to become corrupted or damaged because of such concerns favor power outages, disk create errors, virus assaults. This will cause your Operating System not effectively booting, therefore resulting in the loading process to involved a stop.The Data System has been Set Incorrectly: If the mechanism upday flags are mistakenly collection, you might encounter this error through which the system loops endlessly and also is stuck at the installation point.Interference from Other Services and Applications: Windows updays installation have the right to be blocked by various other applications and also solutions that are interfering via the process. This can cause a faiattract of the updays as they gain stuck at 35.

Systems 1: A Couple of Solutions

Try any type of of the complying with solutions to resolve this error:

1. Install Update in a Clean Boot State

Rebegin your Windows and attempt to do the Windows upday in a clean boot state making use of the following steps: For Windows 8:

Launch Windows Update. Do this by either pointing your computer mouse to the bottom best end of your display and also relocating the reminder up, or swiping from the best end. This counts on the gadget you are making use of.Click "Settings" and also select "Change PC settings"


Select "Windows Update" from the "Update and also Recovery" window


Now attempt the installation again

2. Unplug all the Removable Media from your PC

Follow the guidelines listed below to achieve this:

Conduct a check for any kind of externally attached gadget to your computer system that hasn"t been removed. These tools encompass USB flash drives, removable disks such as Blu-ray discs, CDs, DVDs; memory cards such as Memory Stick, CompactFlash card, Memory Stick, and Secure Digital card.If any of the above is still associated to your computer system, unplug it.

3. Do a System Restore:

To have the ability to follow through with this approach, encertain you start your PC through the usage of a Windows installation disc. On startup, perform a system gain back making use of the actions listed below (making use of Windows 8 as an example):

Insert your Windows 8 installation disc in the computer"s drive and restart the computer.You will acquire a prompt to start from the put disc. You deserve to push any essential of your option to execute this


Select "Repair your computer"


Choose "Troubleshoot"Select the "Advanced options" buttonChoose your variation of Windows 8.Move on to select "System Restore" and choose the regain allude of your option. Now click "Next"


The instructions to guide you in completing the System Restore will certainly pop up on your display. Follow them to the latter and also rebegin your PC once prompted.

4. Run SFC/Scannow:

Launch Command also Prompt as "Administrator". Do this through the "cmd" input in your Windows search bar.

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In this command also page, type: SFC /scannow


Wait for the shave the right to to go with your device to solve any type of errors discovered within your documents.Try to run the Windows upday as soon as aget.

Solution 2: Revert the Update Installation by Running DISM Command

Another solution is to run the DISM command also in various other to revert the installation you did. DISM command also can be run from WinRE i.e. Windows Recoincredibly Environment. Afterward, you have the right to try booting usually on your desktop. Before moving out this process:

Encertain you recognize the day and time you mounted the upday.Check if you deserve to log in typically into the computerTake note of the upday being set up on the computer

Now, run DISM command adhering to the steps below:

Boot your computer system from an installation media. You have the right to develop one with the Windows Media Creation tool.In the Windows Recovery Environment, pick "Repair your computer"Click on "Troubleshoot"Select "Modern options"Go to Command also Prompt


Type in the complying with instructions:

dism /image:C: /cleanup-image/revertpendingactions


Note: C: is the drive letter representing the drive where the Windows has been mounted. You can rearea it with the appropriate drive letter for your own Windows place.

Press "Enter" on your key-board. The DISM scan will certainly run for around 20 minutes, after which you have the right to exit and also restart your computer system. Check if the error has been fixed.

Equipment 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Run the troubleshooter for Windows to deal with this error. Many users have actually attested to the reality that running Windows troubleshooter fixes the configuring Windows stuck at 35 error. Follow the measures below to run the Windows Update troubleshooter:

Go to Windows "Settings". Click on "Upday & Security"


Scroll to the appropriate and also choose "Troubleshoot"


Select the "Windows update" tab and also choose to "run the troubleshooter"


Bonus Tip

In instance you have actually tried all the over services and none seem to job-related, attempt this last bonus tip to watch if you have the right to fix the Windows update stuck error:

Reboot your computer. Keep in mind that you may need to difficult reboot in this caseHit the "F8" crucial on your keyboard as shortly as it comes on prior to the Windows logo shows up.You will certainly be taken to the web page for "Startup Settings" or "Advanced Boot Options". From the menu, pick "Safe Mode"


With "Safe Mode" you can boot the computer system via just the programs that the Windows requirements. You have the right to complete the Windows installation in this mode wright here no various other regimen interferes, after which you boot usually.

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How to Recover Documents from the Computer When All Solutions Fail to Fix the Issue

When you try to upday or connumber Windows updays, periodically it malfunctions and also you are faced via errors such as the Windows updays gaining stuck. This renders it impossible for you to boot normally. The remedies in this post are meant to assist you out of this difficulty yet if they carry out not work-related, tright here is an different. The alternate is to usage a third-party app to recoup all your essential data as they have actually become ineasily accessible. A great tool that is qualified of reextending your information for you is the Documents Recoexceptionally tool.