Control panel closes automatically windows 10

Control Panel is an extremely advantageous tool that permits you to readjust and also manage assorted important settings. However before, in some cases, you can not be able to open the control panel. Tbelow are most customers who are complaining around not being able to open up the regulate panel. Technically, customers were able to open the control panel yet it opens only for a second. So, the control panel will certainly cshed instantly. This is obviously an extremely major trouble because this difficulty will certainly proccasion you from accessing some of the significant settings of your computer system. Your control panel will certainly close within a second which isn’t enough time to perform any kind of job.

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The many likely factor of this issue is a pest in the Windows Update. So, if you freshly set up an upday then that is the height suspect. Tbelow are likewise a pair of various other things that have the right to cause this worry as well. The IDT audio panel have the right to additionally cause this kind of problem with the control panel. A manage panel file is additionally known to reason conflicting worries with the manage panel which leads to this difficulty. Windows Error reporting services can additionally be the culprit behind this worry. Because tright here are the majority of points that deserve to cause this problem, tright here are multiple solutions depending on what’s resulting in the manage panel crashing worry for you. Just go via each of the techniques noted below till your trouble is fixed.

Method 1: Update your Windows

Make certain your Windows is updated to the latest version and every one of the updates are installed. Majority of the individuals discovered that the problem was instantly fixed after their devices updated. So, the many most likely factor is that Microsoft released a deal with in one of their latest updates. So if you haven’t currently, examine for updays and also install the latest Windows Updates.

Method 2: Uninstall IDT Audio Panel

For some users, the IDT audio panel was leading to the worry and also uninstalling IDT audio panels fixes the regulate panel crashing concern for them. Follow the procedures given below to find and also uninstall the IDT audio panel

Hold Windows Key and press RType appwiz.cpl and push Enter

This will open up the Uninstall or change program screen of your Control PanelLocate the IDT audio panel and also select itSelect Uninstall and also follow the on-display screen instructions

If you can’t find the IDT audio panel in the Uninstall or adjust program display, or you can’t save the regulate panel open for a significant amount of time then follow the measures given below:

Hold Windows key and also press RType devmgmt.msc and push Enter

Locate and also double click Sound, video and game controllersLocate and also best click IDT audio panel or IDT High Definition CODEC

Select Uninstall and follow any kind of additional on-display screen instructions

Your regulate panel have to job-related typically once you are finimelted uninstalling the IDT audio panel

Method 3: Delete/Rename IDTNC64.cpl

The IDTNC64.cpl is a regulate panel regulate file however it can be the culprit behind this issue. This file can be conflicting through your manage panel and resulting in the control panel to crash after a couple of seconds. Plenty of customers refixed the issue by either deleting or renaming this file. We will certainly advise you to rename the file since it’s a safer alternative.

Hold Windows key and press EType C:WindowsSystem32 in the address bar (located at the top mid) and press Enter


Locate the file IDTNC64.cplRight click IDTNC64.cpl and choose RenameRename the IDTNC64.cpl to anything you want yet we will indicate renaming it IDTNC64.oldcpl.

Try to open the control panel as soon as you are done renaming the file. Your manage panel have to work-related fine currently.

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Method 4: Disable Windows Error Reporting Service

Disabling the Windows Error Reporting organization is also well-known to deal with this worry.

Hold Windows key and push RType msconfig and also push Enter


Select the Services tab


Locate and uncheck the Windows Error Reporting Service


Click Apply then choose Ok


You have to be able to view a day in the Disable Date column

Check if unchecking this option solves the problem. If the problem is still there then rebegin and also inspect again. Your difficulty need to be solved.

Method 5: Open Control Panel through Run

This isn’t a solution yet type of a workaround. If you aren’t able to resolve the issue through the approach 1 then you have the right to follow the procedures offered below to access the Control Panel controls. This isn’t a solution yet it will certainly assist you gain access to the Windows controls, at leastern.

Hold Windows Key and press RType appwiz.cpl and also press Enter


This will certainly open up the Uninstall or change program display screen of your Control PanelType Control panelall regulate panel items in the resolve bar (located at the optimal mid) of your Control Panel. Note: Do Not press Get in, sindicate copy paste it in the address bar

You should have the ability to view a list of regulate panel controls. Select any kind of of the alternatives from the drop dvery own list to open up the page. Note: This can also make your Control Panel shut down but you will have actually a opportunity of changing the establishing that you want to.

By Kevin Arrows February 6, 2020
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How to Fix Windows 10 Control Panel not Opening

If the worry is via your Computer or a Lappeak you have to attempt making use of Restoro which can shave the right to the repositories and replace corrupt and missing papers. This works in a lot of cases, where the problem is originated as a result of a system corruption. You can downpack Restoro by clicking the Downpack button listed below.