Convert to gpt disk grayed out

"Hi, we are trying to extend an easy volume (size is 3TB) to dynamic, and the alternative is greyed out. Could someone aid please to settle this problem quickly? Thanks."


A user asked a question that once he desires to extend a 3TB standard volume to dynamic disk in a Microsoft forum, he finds out the transform alternative is greyed out. He desires to know just how to deal with this "transform to dynamic disk greyed out" issue. In this short article, we will tell you why this difficulty arises and also exactly how to deal with it.

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What Casupplies Convert to Dynamic Disk Greyed Out

According to the user"s question, the trouble shows up as soon as he wants to extfinish an easy volume in which the dimension is beyond 2TB. And this is the factor why he can"t transform the basic disk to dynamic disk. For MBR disk, its partition mechanism is limited to 2TB storage room. Therefore, if you switch a disk over 2TB to dynamic disk, the alsituated space will not allow Disk Management to perform the convariation.

How to Fix Convert to Dynamic Disk Greyed Out

Due to the fact that the difficulty is largely around the capacity of MBR disk, you have the right to solve it by converting the disk from MBR to GPT. Because a GPT disk does not have constraints that MBR suffers from. It have the right to organize a practically infinite number of partitions. And the disk capacity dimension is no much longer restricted to 2TB. You have actually three selections to transform a disk: a partition management tool - Partition Master, the Disk Management on the computer system, and also the DiskPart Command also Prompt.

1. Convert Disk from MBR to GPT without Data Loss

All the standard converting techniques will reason data loss. Even if you have made complete backups of all your quantities, restoring the backups need rather a lengthy time. As an outcome, we recommend you to pick Partition Master. Partition Master allows you to transform a disk from MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR without deletion or data erase. So you don"t have to wait a lengthy time to conduct the backup and reclaim procedure. Besides, you can likewise apply this tool to redimension partition on Windows, format a partition, or merge partitions right into a bigger one.

Downfill Partition Master now, and also follow the overview below to explore a safe and also sound convariation.

Step 1. Downfill and also launch Partition Master on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Right-click the MBR disk that you want to transform and select "Convert to GPT".


Step 3. After that, find and also click the "Execute 1 Operation" button on the toolbar and select "Apply" to begin the conversion. You need to restart your gadget to permit this adjust.


2. Convert Disk from MBR to GPT through Disk Management

In Disk Management, you have the right to convert the disk form, delete a volume, and extend and shrink a volume, and so on. Please follow the procedures listed below to view just how to transform the disk from MBR to GPT. This strategy requires a volume deletion. Please make certain you have made a complete backup.

Step 1. Go to Control Panel, head to Administrative Tool, and also choose "Computer Management".

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Step 2. Click "Disk Management", you deserve to watch all your disk quantities right here. Right-click one volume and also select "Delete Volume". Repeat the process to delete all the volumes.


Step 3. Now right-click the MBR disk and also choose "Convert to GPT Disk".


3. Convert MBR Disk to GPT via DiskPart Command Prompt

You have the right to likewise convert the disk to GPT via the command also prompt. But this method will additionally need you to delete the volume. Please remember to make a backup.

Step 1. Run as an administrator, push Win, and also pick "Command Prompt".

Step 2. Type the command also diskpart, then kind list disk and also push Go into.

Tip 3. If disk 1 is the MBR disk, kind select disk 1. Once selected the MBR disk, kind clean to remove all the information on this disk.

Tip 4. Now type convert GPT and push Enter to proceed.

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The Bottom Line

In a word, transform to dynamic greyed out problem happens bereason of the MBR disk system limitation. The following time you encounter the same problem, examine the MBR disk"s size first and pick one strategy you prefer to fix your difficulty. Anymeans, the Partition Master is our reference, for it conserves customers data, and is straightforward to usage.