Copy files to multiple usb drives simultaneously

i should copy data to multiple usb drives

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Hi,I have searched the net and might not come up with anypoint, but i would prefer to get a software application that permits me to copy data namely MP3s to multiple usb drives at the same time. This is for my church conference and we are looking carry out the documents through usb drives. Any suggestions would certainly be very valuable.

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31. May 2014, 11:11 AM
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The only idea I have the right to make is to use Teracopy. You will certainly have to carry out a copy to each drive, yet you have the right to run it several times at the same time.

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A standalone PC is not designed to assistance copying to multiple gadgets at the same time. The best solution is to buy or rent a copier which is what churches and various other teams have been doing for years for their music tapes, video tapes, CDs and also DVDs.Your next ideal option for software application is something like:The crucial need is software program that will multicast copies and imeras ie they create multiple images/copies at the exact same time.Clonezilla does execute multicasting whereas Teracopy and also many other assets don"t. The Clonezilla interchallenge have the right to be hard and it is an offline solution (it wants regulate of your computer and also, as far as I understand, doesn"t run under Windows). On the various other hand the boot disk have the right to incorporate other utilities as in the GParted disk.You might attempt running multiple instances of a copy regimen to attain the same result. But that will more easily max out your device througput at any kind of of several bottlenecks. As contention boosts throughput generally drops exponentially:If multiple programs are accessing the original file(s) then you"re most likely to get disk thrashing as they all attempt to check out at the same time. In this case an SSD will certainly enable faster reads.Your throughput will max out at some allude and also the as a whole copy rate will decline as tbelow is even more contention for limited bandwidth. This will likely happen first on the USB bus and also its hubs. So the handy limit for copying to a number of USB drives concurrently might be as low as 2 or 3 USB drives relying on your system specs. If you gave even more information about your devices then it would be much easier to be even more particular. The type of questions you must think about are:How many type of USB drives will certainly I be copying?How conveniently carry out I need the copies produced? The faster you need them then the more attrenergetic a dedicated copier becomes.How significant are the MP3 files?How many kind of MP3 documents are there for each copy? Fewer and also larger is much better than many and smaller.What computers? What operating system?How many kind of computers?Are the computer systems networked? What network?What else is being done on the computer system devices at the very same time?What variation of USB bus on the computers?What variation of USB for the USB drives?