Corsair headset microphone too quiet

Hi tright here. I have actually literally no concept why this can be, but I cannot gain the microphone output in this headset over 4 or 5% once I am speaking at a volume that have the right to be plainly heard throughout the room. 


For comparison, I gained a hold of my wife"s work-related from residence Plantronics headcollection, and also it"s mic output is a comfortable 60-70% at the same distance and speaking volume. 


I am trying to use the headcollection for voice strike, and I need to shout for it to pick anything up.

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I have actually been into the volume mixer and also made sure the microphone was at 100%, I downloaded iCUE (Corsair"s software) and made certain the volume was at 100% in that too. 

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3 months later...

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Posted January 27

Hi Stonedog, not certain if you ever before solved this yet I"m having actually the specific same series of worries with my headset (three months later). I regulated to find a nifty deal with to this problem (and also some various other troubles I had). If you"re still looking for assist, I have a full write-up on Reddit:

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