Corsair hs50 microphone not working

The Corsair hs50 mic not functioning on windows is a prevalent problem challenged by many of the Corsair customers utilizing the gadget.

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Sometimes, the problem might take place because of some of the misconfigurations challenged in the audio settings. Also, if your driver is not updated, you deserve to challenge this mic trouble. Here are some functioning options to solve the Corsair Mic issue on Windows 10.

How to Fix Corsair HS50 mic not functioning issue

We have actually tested these options and also working for us. If you are making use of Windows 10, then the listed below solutions will certainly work for you.

Fix 1: Enable Microphone in Windows Settings

First of all, you should enable your Windows10 mechanism and also your application to accessibility your headset microphone prior to you deserve to usage it. To check this:

1. Press the Windows logo design essential + I together. Then click Privacy.


2. In the left panel, click the microphone.


3. You will check out a change alternative, then make sure the microphone accessibility for this device is turned on.


4. Allow access to your microphone must be turned on in apps.


Fix 2: Change the audio settings

If your driver is completely OK and nopoint is wrong in that, then probably the audio settings on your pc, is the factor for the difficulty. To resolve this Corsair HS50 microphone problem, you have the right to attempt changing your sound settings.

1. In your notifications location, right-click on the volume icon and click on the sound photo.


2. Choose the Recording tab, and simply after that check microphone is collection as default. When you collection it to default, you will watch a green icon.

3. Click on the default microphone, and then click the Properties button.


4. Click on the level tab, then drag the slider to the the majority of significant worth.

To unmute, drag the slider and adjust the microphone.


5. Click OK to conserve your settings.

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Fix 3: Upday Audio Driver

Tright here are 2 approaches to update your audio driver: manually and automatically.

Manual driver update

In this approach, you have to downpack all the corsair hs50 headset drivers manually from the manufacturer’s website. Open the website and downpack drivers. Also, you need to install them manually. The procedure is a little little bit technological.

Automatic driver update

You have the right to download and also install all the compelled chauffeurs instantly utilizing driver upday devices. Driver Easy is one of the a lot of trusted driver installers for Windows 10.

I will assist you to discover the correct driver for your audio card and also your Windows system.

Download and also install Driver Easy.

1. Start driver simple run and click sdeserve to currently.

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2. Driver Easy will certainly scan your computer and to detect trouble drivers if any type of.


3. You will certainly watch an Update button, alongside flagged audio driver, click it to download it immediately, and to install its correct version of that driver (with Free version you can carry out it).


4. Click on upday all to instantly downpack and also install the correct variation of that driver that is lacking or out of day on your mechanism.

Restart your COMPUTER, after updating the driver, then attempt your Corsair HS50 mic and inspect if your trouble is addressed or not.

Now make certain that you have actually the correct establishing for your Corsair hs50 headcollection mic. Here is a finish guide to setup Corsair hs50 mic on your Windows 10.

How to erected the Corsair hs50 headset?

On your Windows taskbar, revolve on and also allow Corsair audio gadget and also pick home windows option if in instance it does automatically set your Corsair audio gadget, then put the output sound on the default choice.

Your Windows gadget will typically try to adjust to default settings and also then to the sound settings, and also currently you collection the settings according to your wish on your tool. Even if you face any kind of difficulties in the regime, then for this you must open up before you try to permit your headcollection.

In any type of case, if you close the programs and for this, you need to reopen your application, and also after that, you will be enabled to put up your headset, and also for this, you have to try and also hear them via your headcollection.

To allow your headcollection for usage, you should follow these steps:

Step-1: On your Windows gadget, go to the taskbar panel and also right-click on the volume icon.

Then click Sound Setting.


Step 2: Now, scroll dvery own and click on the sound control panel.


Step-3: In the list, right-click your headset.


Step-4: And, choose “Set as the Default device.


How to inspect the Corsair hs50 Audio Device?

Try and check your audio tool first.

Then attempt to inspect all your device’s link.

The mic on the Corsair HS50 is removable, so check your device connection and likewise check your mic connection. You have to use a Y cable to the plugin, if your PC/lapoptimal doesn’t make use of 2-in-1 stereo/mic jacks, to plug them separately in their proper jacks.

On the left ear cup, make certain the mic is not on mute.

Use an additional gadget and check Plug your headset (e.g., your mobile phone)

After trying the above options, still, your microphone is not functioning, then you have to call the Corsair for their support company and have your tough set serviced. And if the device is functioning correctly with various other gadgets, then definitely it’s not your device’s trouble. Even now, if it is not working, you deserve to attempt these Fixes.

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The Corsair hs50 mic not functioning on windows is a widespread problem challenged by many of the individuals using the tool. All of the remedies gave in this post will certainly aid you to resolve the Corsair hs50 mic not functioning concern.