Corsair void not showing up in playback devices


After you connected your headphone to Windows 10 computer, you could not hear sound from the headphones. In Playearlier tools, the headphone didn’t even show up.What happened? Don’t worry. This is a widespread concern in Windows 10. You deserve to settle the error via among the services listed below.

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Before you attempt the options, encertain this is not a hardware issue:

If your computer has actually one more port, plug your headphones to an additional port and check out if the difficulty still persists. If you can hear the sound from headphones through another port, the problem more than likely is the port. If you don’t have another port easily accessible to plug right into headphones, skip this troubleshooting.

If feasible, connect your headphones to another computer to check to view if the difficulty persists. If you have the right to usage the headphones properly on an additional computer system, the trouble is the computer settings. Then attempt following remedies. If you can’t hear the sound making use of the headphone on one more computer system either, the trouble is most likely the headphones.

There are fivesolutions to fix the trouble on your computer system. You might not have to attempt them all. Just work-related your means down at the peak of the list till you uncover the one that functions for you.

Equipment 1: Sjust how and allow the headphones manually

The headphone gadget can be disabled and also concealed in Playago gadgets. You might should make it show up and allow it manually.

Follow these steps:

1) OpenPlayback devices.

2) Right-click the empty place, and also then choose Show Disconnected Devices andSexactly how Disabled Devices.


After that, you’ll watch headphones appear in the Playback tools presented in Disabled standing.


3) Right-click the headphones and also click Enable.


After the device is allowed, if you check out it not collection as Default Device, highlight it and also click the Set Default button. If it’s already set as default gadget, move on to following step.


4) Click OK -> Apply.

5) Check to watch if the difficulty is reresolved.

Systems 2: Uninstall then reinstall the audio driver

The trouble could be as a result of audio driver problems. To resolve the difficulty, you have the right to try to uninstall then reinstall the audio driver.

Follow steps below to uninstall the audio driver in Device Manager, then reinstall the audio driver.

1) On your keyboard, push the Windows logo vital and R key at the same time to invoke the run box.

2) Type devmgmt.msc and also click the OK switch.


3) Double click Sound, video and also game controllers to expand the list of the sound gadgets.


4) Right click the audio tool and also choose Uninstall device. You might check out even more than one device under the list, ensure you uninstall the audio gadget however not the display audio device. You audio is likely to be Realtek High Definition Audio or IDT High Definition Audio.


5) When prompted for the uninstall, if you check out Delete the driver software application for this device, examine package, then click the Uninstall button. If you don’t watch the box, just lick the Uninstall button.


6) When uninstall completes, restart your computer system to allow Windows to reinstall the driver.

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7) Check to watch if you deserve to see the headphones in Playback gadgets.

Systems 3: Update the audio driver

If uninstalling driver doesn’t work, you might should upday the driver.

There are 2 means to update your audio driver: manually or immediately.

Manual driver update– You have the right to upday your audio driver manually by going to the manufacturer’s webwebsite for sound card, and in search of the most current correct driver. Be certain to pick just chauffeurs that are compatible through your variant of Windows 10.

Automatic driver update– If you don’t have the moment, patience or computer abilities to update your audio driver manually, you deserve to, rather, execute it immediately via Driver Easy.Driver Easy will immediately identify your system and also find the correct driver for your sound card, and your variant of Windows 10, and also it will certainly download and install the driver correctly:

1)Downloadand also install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and also click the Shave the right to Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer system and detect any type of problem chauffeurs.


3)Click theUpdateswitch alongside the flagged audio driver to instantly download and install the correct version of that driver(you can perform this via theFREEversion).

Or click Update All to instantly downpack and install the correct variation of all the vehicle drivers that are lacking or out of date on your device. (This requires the Pro variation which comes via complete assistance and also a 30-day money back guarantee. You’ll be triggered to upgrade when you click Upday All.)


4) Rebegin to your computer system and also check to check out if Windows 10 detects your headphones.

Systems 4:Enable Stereo Mix

To settle the difficulty, you have the right to try to enable the Stereo Mix. To do so:

1) OpenPlayearlier devices.

2) Under the Recording tab, appropriate click on Stereo Mix and select Enableon the conmessage menu.


3) Click Apply -> OK.

4) Check to check out if Windows 10 detects your headphones.

Equipment 5: Disable front panel jack detection ( for Realtek audio driver only)

One cause of headphones not showing up in Playearlier gadgets can be enabled front panel jack detection. This regularly occurs to Realtek audio driver. If you have actually Realtek HD audio manager mounted, you can attempt this method. If not, try various other techniques.

Follow procedures below:

1) Open the Sound Manager.


2) Click the small folder in the top right corner.


3) Check the “Disable front panel jack detection” alternative.


4) Click the OK button.

5) Check to view if the headphones show up in Playback devices.

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Hope one of the options here works for you. If you have actually any type of concerns, please leave your comment. We’d love to hear of any ideas or suggestions.