Corsair void volume control not working

Late last year, Corsair released its brand-new flagship line of gaming headsets, the Corsair Virtuoso Wiremuch less line. I freshly reperceived the ‘standard’ version of the Virtuoso RGB and also praised its impressive construct and also innovative architecture. Unfortunately, Corsair’s premium supplying didn’t prove as comfortable as I hoped it would certainly be. Following the announcement of the Virtuoso line, Corsair likewise announced its, less expensive, Void Elite wiremuch less headcollection for both PC and PlayStation 4. Is the updated Void RGB Elite Wiremuch less a viable choice for PC and also PlayStation owners in the mid-variety price segment? Yes, and no.

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Let"s go through the contents inside package first. Corsair has actually had the following items:

All Corsair VOID Headsets Attain Full Discord Certification

VOID ELITE RGB Wiremuch less Gaming Headset2.4GHz RF wiremuch less USB dongleUSB Charging Cable (1.5m)Foam tip for microphoneQuick Start GuideSafety LeafletWarranty Card
Design and also features

Compared to various other gaming headset offerings, including Corsair’s own lineup, the Void line looks a lot even more futuristic because of its angular design and also usage of RGB lighting. There"s no mistaking that we"re dealing with a gaming headcollection here, and if you"re in the industry for a much more subtle-looking headitem, the Void Elite RGB might not be your cup of tea.


The updated Void RGB Elite Wireless comes in 2 color setups - White and also Carbon. I was offered the white version, and also coming from mainly dark-toned headsets, I could appreciate the white color. Just like all colors, however, this is a matter of individual taste.

Like the original Void Elite from several years earlier, the develop quality of the updated Void Elite is solid and also is in no means inferior to headsets in the $150USD price variety. The earpads are made of breathable microfiber mesh cloth and plush memory foam. Each earcup has actually the Corsair logo design with customizable RGB lighting (on PC that is).


Going to the on-ear controls, we uncover the power button, volume dial, and a mic mute switch on the left earpad alongside the non-detachable omnidirectional microphone.



Coming from the more expensive, but not so comfortable Virtuoso, I was kind of unconvinced about the comfort of the Void Elite, but my preconception has proven to be wrong - via its quickly adjustable headband and also soft-towel ear cushions, Corsair"s giving is exceptionally comfortable and also rivals the comfort of more expensive headsets, also for those wearing glasses. Some can argue that the fit is rather loose, yet I didn"t have actually any issues with it.


For its wiremuch less signal, the Void RGB Elite supplies a 2.4GHz RF USB dongle, and obtaining the headset to occupational is as easy as plugging in the dongle and powering the headset on. Unfortunately, that"s the only link that is supported, thereby limiting connectivity via various other gadgets. In general, wireless gaming headsets additionally assistance wired play by means of USB or via a 3.5mm jack, but this isn"t the case via this headpiece.

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Sound quality

For the updated Void RGB Elite, Corsair has actually boosted the headphone frequency response to 30 kHz from 20 kHz, enabling for a more comprehensive variety of audible sound vibrations. In enhancement, the headphone sensitivity was enhanced from 107 dB to 116 dB for more loudness at a offered volume. Support for Sony"s PlayStation 4 platform was likewise included, yet PS4 owners must understand that tbelow are much better, much less expensive options available.

Whereas the Elite supplies virtual surround sound on PC via Corsair"s iCUE regime, surround sound isn"t accessible on the PS4. This also applies to the EQ-prodocuments that are tied to the iCUE application, and also are therefore only easily accessible on PC. While the headset"s default sound is decent for a gaming headset in this price range, and the absence of virtual surround sound could not be that crucial, the incapacity to readjust the Void"s volume on the PS4 utilizing the on-ear volume dial, really bothered me. The only method to adjust the volume on Sony"s platform is to go into volume control in the PS4"s "Audio Devices" menu. Corsair boasts that this headcollection is supported by Sony"s platcreate and also I would at leastern meant the volume to be readjusted on the headcollection itself.

Overall, the Void RGB Elite offers a decent sound experience with slightly enhanced mids, allowing for footsteps and also the likes to be detected more plainly.

The updated microphone, but, perdevelops over my expectations and is really exact for a headset mic. The sensitivity was readjusted from -38 dB to -42 dB and also has actually now been Disord certified. I would certainly have liked the microphone to be even more versatile, but this is merely a minor downside.


Lasting up even more than 16 hrs on a solitary charge, the battery life of the Void is on par via other current wiremuch less gaming headsets. It does not last as lengthy as the battery in the Arctis 1 Wiremuch less or the exceptional HyperX Cloud Flight S, yet around 16 hours of juice is good enough for the majority of players. As meant, the precise amount of playtime depends on the volume level, however overall, I had the ability to get cshed to the boasted 16 hrs. Extensive usage of the RGB lighting, yet, drains the battery much faster.

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Corsair"s updated Void RGB Elite is a solid construct wireless headitem that supplies excellent comfort and decent sound quality linked with a good-perdeveloping microphone for PC players. Add virtual surround support through Corsair"s iCUE software application and you"ve acquired yourself a great wiremuch less gaming headcollection approximately $100USD. For PS4 players, but, there are even more viable, much less expensive alternatives accessible, including Sony"s official Wiremuch less Gold 7.1 headset (approximately $85) and also Turtle Beach"s Stealth 600 ($100USD). Both wiremuch less choices offer online surround sound on Sony"s platcreate and allow players to adjust the headset volume via the on-ear volume dial.