Could not allocate space for recording

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I"ve been muddling via with protools for a couple of months now via no problems- just founding a pair of severe album jobs, and also its fooling around with me!I imported a couple of tracks taped at a studio, and also as expected got the message around original disc alplace not being available- fine, but now eextremely time I open up any session, including ones began on that machine, I acquire the same message.When I attempt to record on ANY session, I currently obtain the message "could not allocate area for recording".Space shouldn"t be a problem, as I"ve simply taken whatever off tbelow that shouldn"t have been there- a substantial itunes library etcAny ideas?
Try ejecting the drive that you imported from and also just leave the drive that you desire to record to, placed.

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Just discovered that somethings been reset so any type of protools session I open is saving to the idisk. I recollection the idisk to record mode, but i still couldn"t record on the sessions unmuch less i relocate them to the hd. They were on the hd in the initially place so I"m not really certain why they were moving!I guess there"ll be something about that in choices...thanks for your assist fellas
i simply went through a HUGE disaster involving the very same matter what i did, one particular session "can not alsituate area for recording"wouldn"t conserve.wouldnt save aswouldnt save copy in.wouldnt enable was if it was a review only file.after about 6 hrs of trying assorted points from the logical to the absurd.i discovered a article that sassist "rerelocate your hacked waves plug ins"that resolved the trouble instantly.p.s.this was a clients computer system, not mine.hacking plugs is just asking for trouble if your a legit operation.they screw up performance, host virus"s and if your accountant or jealous employees decide to make some calls, your screwed.
Here"s an additional possible answer. I was getting the very same error message reg. allocated space and also eventually realized I was trying to record over my imported drum track instead of on my newly created empty track. When I rather record-triggered the correct track, all went swimmingly. Not certain why that was the message it was giving me fairly than, "Hey, stupid, you do not desire to carry out that," however there you are.

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i just went via a HUGE disaster involving the exact same issue what i did, one certain session "can not allocate space for recording"wouldn"t save.wouldnt save aswouldnt conserve copy in.......
I had the same concern on 7.2 HD through no cracked plugs or anything. It would take place as soon as I would certainly drag records from Finder into the regions bin or the timeline.

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I have actually the exact same concern, Pro Tools HD2 7.31, PowerMac G5.My difficult drives are fifty percent full. My just guess is that the sessions that i am working on are too big.Any ideas???

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