Could not get version information from the update server nexus

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Valethar commented May 13, 2018


Recently updated to v65.4 from v65.2 because of errors trying to upday NMM. 65.4 is reporting the exact same error as 65.2, "Unable to get variation indevelopment from server".

Steps to reproduce:

Launch NMM.2a) NMM upday auto-examine will fail if it runs.2b) Manual check for updays will fail if run.

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Tried to uncover any logs for NMM, however couldn"t locate them, and also a Google search utterly failed in that regard. Doesn"t seem to be any type of information in the regimen itself that I might uncover that would show wright here they"re conserved, so I do not understand that any kind of were actually developed.

I did obtain a screenie of the error message, but.

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If there"s a particular place I should look at for logs that may aid chase this down, let me understand and I"ll see if I have them to post below.



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