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In previous versions of Windows, you had actually to push Ctrl + Alt + Delete to logon, or to unlock a locked workstation. This was because this crucial sequence was well-known just by the OS and also therefore various other software application couldn"t intercept it and also display a spoofed logon display screen to capture passwords.

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Starting via Windows 8, you now simply need to push Get in to acquire to the logon display.

What is to stop someone from writing a fake logon screen? Did Windows 8 add some kind of new protection device to minimize this security issue?



I perform not think this was applied by default in earlier windows versions either. Tright here is a group policy establishing you have the right to use to enforce this.

Computer Configuration - Windows Setups - Security Settings - Local Policies - Security Options - Interactive Logon: Do not need CTRL+ALT+DELETE

disable that and you will be compelled to push ctrl+alt+delete.

exact same procedure for a doprimary gpo or standalone. I still rotate this on in my home as a default security exercise for the reasons you mentioned over.

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Twisty"s comment is correct, the embraced answer is not.

You can test if you choose.Create a fresh AD domain and also two fresh installs of Windows, one Windows 8 or newer and one Windows 7 or older. Before domain sign up with, neither OS will certainly require CAD/SAK/SAS. After domajor sign up with, Windows 7 will certainly require it and also Windows 8 will certainly not. It is not due to group policy, if you perform happen to explicitly apply this establishing using GPO as described in the welcomed answer, then you will certainly watch that all Windows versions will call for CAD/SAK/SAS.

MCSA in 2012 R2


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