Dark souls 3 audio issues

Came ago to dks3 after a half year hiatus and also that annoying sound bug still exists. Can define it yet I'm sure 99% of you men know what I'm talking around. Is there an easy resolve for this? I swear I had it addressed at one allude however it can just be that I obtained offered to it somehow and also I'm coming earlier from dks1 I'm noticing it again and it's infuriating. Thanks.

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disable nvidia hd audio chauffeurs in device manager

and also make sure nothing else but your (many likely realtek) is playingback in manage panel

So weird. functions though. Hopecompletely this helps somebody as ambience and also atmosphere is such a major aspect in souls games I'm surprised this was never solved.

I just started a brand-new play through to carry out Ringed City and also noticed this problem. You are spot on that the Nvidia HD Audio chauffeurs are the cause however I had actually to uninstall and reboot prior to it was resolved in game.

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If it helps I'm using the Microsoft bluetooth stack for audio. I don't think I've noticed the problem in various other games. No concept if this difficulty exists if you are actually making use of audio out from the gfx card.


I didn't have actually this problem on release so I think Nvidia introduced a regression somewhere. I don't think this is From's fault and fuck Nvidia for installing all this additional bullshit as soon as all I need is a graphics driver. I think I'll simply let Windows regulate the driver variation going forward.

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For the downvoter: https://steamcommunity.com/app/374320/discussions/0/365163686079991752/


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