Dark souls crashing on startup windows 10

Did you attempt to run Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on your Windows 8 computer (including customer pevaluation edition <32-little / X86 VERSIONS AND 64-BIT X64>) and also run into an annoying difficulty -- Dark Souls crashes when you pack it? This results Steam versions of the game, and Origin and also CD / DVD duplicates too.

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Do not are afraid, my fellow RPG PC gamer. We are below to help you with that so that you can begin collecting souls in this epic game. Note that this helps all forms of launch faiattract through the game (including straight loading the EXE and babsence screen or home window mode issues).

If the game is already installed, then follow these steps. If it isn"t then install + open up Steam, then install + open Dark Souls (to verify crash).

Note that these fixes occupational on all versions of Windows -- Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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How to Fix: Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Crashing

1) Open the Control Panel and uninstall GFWL (Gamings for Windows Live). Tright here are 2 components -- uninstall both.2) Downfill & install the latest version of Games for Windows Marketarea Client3) Launch the game

It must currently work! The factor it may have brought about a crash error message (such as "Dark souls Prepare To Die Edition Executable has quit working") for you previously is because an old version of GFWL was actually set up rather of the newest variation.

Still crashing? Then continue listed below...

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Solve Dark Souls Freeze / Error on Load / Crash

-- If you are crashing bereason of vsfilter.dll, then try renaming this file (situate it via search). If that does not occupational, then make certain to name it earlier to the original file!-- Rebegin your computer-- Remove ANY game controllers that are plugged in (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, etc).-- If you set up a mod, such as DSFix, then disable it (rename it or move it). Old versions of this mod are causing the game to crash after updating it!-- Similarly, the new version of the DSFix is functioning fine for human being. So if you haven"t provided it yet and also are black screening close to the intro / opening of the game, then enable the "Skip Intro" feature-- Install the latest DirectX drivers! This has the ones that came through the game AND (if that does not help) the newest copy from Microsoft"s site!-- Install the latest .NET Framework!-- Run DarkSouls.exe in admin mode (ideal click the exe -> run as administrator)-- Downpack xlive.dll and also put it in your C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32 folder! You must have actually this file currently somewright here though so you must usage the consisted of DLL. Run SEARCH for it.-- REPAIR (via Control Panel) Windows Live Essentials

Boom shocka locka! The game should now job-related for you if you followed the troubleshooting tips in this overview. If it doesn"t, then possibly the planets are aligned in such a way that the people is functioning against you! Kidding, I think! Feel cost-free to comment if you require added aid to acquire this awesome game to run without crashing or freezing or error"ing.

Remember folks -- Dark souls isn"t just a game. It"s a lifestyle!

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