Dead by daylight launch error

Dead By Daylight Error Code 14 is a frustrating problem that deserve to store you from launching the game entirely. Error Code 14 isn’t a pest, though. It’s a technological issue that occurs with EasyAntiCwarmth. When EasyAntiCwarm isn’t functioning appropriately, Dead By Daylight will certainly refusage to connect to the server, which is what leads to this error message.

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How to solve EasyAntiCwarm Dead By Daylight Error Code 14


If error code 14 occurs when you try to launch the game, the culprit is EasyAntiCheat. This process is intended to run alongside the game and prevent customers from running hacks and scripts that manipulate the game code. It’s among the even more common anti-cwarmth remedies presently provided, however it has a distinct quirk with Dead By Daylight, which deserve to proccasion you from playing the game.

Some users receive an error code as soon as launching the game that states:

“Couldn’t Start the game

We’re sorry, we had actually a problem founding your game.

Please help us by reporting this concern.

Error Code: 14 (Game client encountered an application error. (Error Code: 14))”

You have actually the alternative to either “Go virtual for a solution and close the game,” or to ssuggest cshed the game.

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Tbelow are a couple of services to resolve this error, yet there’s no one catch-all way to repair EasyAntiCwarm.

Repair EasyAntiCheat

If you go right into the folder the game is mounted in, you’ll find the catalog for EasyAntiCwarm. If you double-click the EAC executable, you’ll have actually the alternative to repair the program. This may resolve the issue.

Disable Windows Defender (or various other anti-virus software) or whitelist Dead By Daylight

Windows Defender and also various other anti-virus software application may be blocking EasyAntiCheat’s link to the servers. You have the right to either temporarily deactivate them when playing the game, or whitelist the Dead By Daylight and also EasyAntiCwarm executables.

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Uninstall and Reinstall Dead By Daylight and EasyAntiCheat

If the over 2 fixes don’t work-related, you can try an extra drastic measure. Start by uninstalling EasyAntiCheat manually through Windows. Then, uninstall Dead By Daylight with Steam. After that, reinstall it, and attempt and launch the game.

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