Dell inspiron n7110 battery not charging

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My pc will not recognize the ac adapter, says unrecognized. My power message tells me plugged in yet not charging

I have actually the Dell Inspiron N5110 (old college, I know) and I frequently acquire this message however it can be resolved reasonably conveniently by "wiggling" the charging socket a bit and blowing it. I think the trouble is somepoint to carry out via the cylinder at the finish of the charger so make sure this is kind of right. Sometimes it simply does not desire to charge and also it can go weeks without charging and also then I"ll revolve it on and also it will have completely charged itself!

I have the Dell Inspiron N5110 (old school, I know) and also I often acquire this message yet it can be readdressed sensibly easily by "wiggling" the charging socket a little bit and blowing it. I think the problem is something to carry out via the cylinder at the finish of the charger so make sure this is sort of right. Sometimes it just doesn"t want to charge and also it can go weeks without charging and then I"ll rotate it on and it will have totally charged itself!
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