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Here you uncover just how to deal with "No boot tool found" concerns on PowerEdge servers by selecting the correct boot source and troubleshooting common failures. Summary:Here you discover just how to fix "No boot tool found" worries on PowerEdge servers by selecting the correct boot resource and troubleshooting common failures.See much less Here you discover how to fix "No boot device found" issues on PowerEdge servers by picking the correct boot source and troubleshooting common failures.

This post describes how to troubleshoot a "no boot" situation. It implies that the server powers on and the display screen shows up however as soon as the operating device have to be loaded, the error "No Boot Device Available" is displayed and also nothing happens. No power and no post worries are defined in this article: Troubleshooting a Server that does not start.

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Note: If it is crucial to reinstall the operating device, simply follow the steps provided in the dedicated post How to install the operating system on a PowerEdge Server? (OS deployment).

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1. Definition

After completing the Power On Self-Test (POST) phase, the server tries to boot a bootable tool.Aboot deviceis any type of piece of hardware that have the right to review or consists of the documents required for a computer to start. A default bootable media deserve to be pick in the BIOS and by default the rassist controller card (PERC) will be selected first.Files easily accessible in a bootable device (RAID, USB crucial, DVD, ISO file) containinstructions to start the operating device. When these records cannot be uncovered, the error "No Boot Device Available" is presented.Few actions can be performed to examine what is not working appropriately.

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2. Manually choose the boot device

The first point to examine is which device is selected as the main boot. To perform a quick inspect please use F11 to launch the hand-operated boot selection.

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Restart the system Press F11 throughout POST to enter the Boot Manager Select the correct Hard Disk drive (Virtual Drive), where the OS is installed Boot from this gadget

If the mechanism now boots right into the operating device, the hardware is fine and tright here is a boot order conflict in the BIOS settings.The many likely reason for this is that the system is collection to boot from CD/DVD and/or USB before the drives, which is a logical setting. To solve this, simply encertain you do not have a USB or CD/DVD inserted into the mechanism.

Note: The Error can be led to by wrong settings in the boot mode, as well. An OS installed in UEFI mode cannot boot in BIOS mode and also vice versa.

You have the right to change the boot order setting permanentlyin the System Setup to boot from the drive first. To readjust this:

Rebegin the device Press F2 in the time of system start to enter the System Setups Change the Boot Sequence in the Boot Settings Leave the menu by means of Exit in the upper best corner of the display
Note: After this, you will require pushing F11 if you wish to boot from a CD/DVD or USB at a later date.

3. Troubleshoot RAID issues

If the server was working effectively and also without any change, the worry arises, the RAID properties needs to be checked

Checking difficult drive status in the PERC BIOS Press Ctrl + R in the time of the POST procedure to open up PERC BIOS Configuration Utility.
To inspect if the hard drive is participating in the RAID range, percreate the complying with steps: a Press Ctrl + N to go to the PD Mgmt (Physical Disk Management) display screen and also check if any type of tough drives are offline or lacking
On this web page, check that the Virtual Disk is online in an optimal state. More information about How to identify an HDD faitempt andsettle the concern is available in this write-up. When the RAID is managing multiple VD, it is necessary to pick which VD has to bepresented when the server tries to boot on the raid controller. The bootable Virtual Disk have the right to be selected on the last tab "CTRL Mgmt". It is vital to choose the VD where the operating mechanism is mounted. If the RAID is functioning fine, the operating system documents need to be investigated as the last action. If tbelow is any doubt about the server hardware, it is feasible to boot on the Support Live Image ( How to downpack and run the Support Live Image on a PowerEdge)to start the troubleshooting.
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