Destiny 2 error code canary

I store gaining the Canary error code whilst trying to play. The code claims its a short-term loss of internet, yet my xbox doesn't disaffix, my lapheight or phone carry out not disaffix, destiny simply kicks me to the title display.

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This is still the only game wright here I have actually random link troubles. Hopefully doesn't lug over into destiny 2.

My nat is always open, 41 dvery own 22 up. Using wiremuch less as I cannot acquire a cable lengthy enough for a wired connection - this has actually not resulted in any kind of troubles with any kind of other game yet.

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Does anyone recognize what I deserve to execute to sheight disconnecting? :(

Just newly began happening, haven't adjusted anything in my internet settings.

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3 years ago
I was freshly complaining about what I regarded as problems on bungie's finish with regards to servers and also error codes.

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I was downvoted right into oblivion and also berated on this sub.

Pop a bubble guardian, the bungie fan boys will certainly come tough for you