Destiny 2 pc frame drops

Since its launch, players have actually reported gaining substantial FPS drops in Beyond Light. To preeminence out the reasons, we’ve gathered some fixes.

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Fixes to try

You might not have to attempt them all; simply work-related your means down the list until you uncover the one that works.


Fix 1: Disable NVIDIA reflex

NVIDIA reflex provides GPU power to boost system responsiveness and decrease input latency. But it will sacrifice you a bunch of FPS. It’s turned on by default in the game. To revolve it off, you need to set the worth to 0. Here’s how you have the right to perform this:

1) Exit your game.

2) In the search bar, copy and also paste %appdata%BungieDestinyPCprefs.

3) Right-click the cvar.xml file and also pick Open via > Editor/ Notepad.

4) Scroll dvery own and also uncover this line . Now you need to readjust the value to 0.


Once done, click on Documents > Save to save the transforms.


Now relaunch your game to check if it works. If you still get low FPS, you deserve to delete that cvars.xml file.

Fix 2: Verify integrity of game files

Verifying integrity of game files is a recommfinished troubleshooting action you need to take when you’re confronted through game bugs. It have the right to assist you verify if the integrity of your games records is undamaged. If it is not, it’ll then regain any type of absent or corrupted documents. Here’s how you deserve to do this:

1) Launch your Steam client.

2) From the LIBRARY section, right-click Destiny 2: Beyond Light and choose Properties from the menu.

3) When the Properties home window opens up, choose the LOCAL FILES tab and click the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES… tab. Steam will certainly verify the game’s files – this procedure might take several minutes. Once finish, restart your game and also check if it helps you improve the performance.


Fix 3: Update your video card driver

Your tool chauffeurs, the video card driver in certain, are necessary components that significantly impact your computer’s performance. If you obtain low FPS when gaming, one of the recommfinished troubleshooting actions you should take is to upday your video card driver particularly you can’t remember when was the last time you had actually it updated.

Tright here are mostly 2 means you have the right to update your video card driver:manuallyandautomatically.

Option 1: Manually upday your video card driver


Then uncover the driver corresponding with your Windows variation and also downpack it manually. Once you’ve downloaded the correct driver for your mechanism, double-click on the downloaded file and also follow the on-display instructions to install it.

Option 2: Automatically upday your video card driver (recommended)

If you don’t have actually the moment, patience or computer system skills to update your video card driver manually, you have the right to, instead, perform it instantly withDriver Easy. Driver Easy will certainly automatically identify your mechanism and also find the correct variation, download and install them correctly.

Here’s just how it works:

1)Downloadand also install Driver Easy.

2) Run Driver Easy and click theShave the right to Nowbutton. Driver Easy will then sdeserve to your computer anddetect any type of difficulty drivers.

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3) ClickUpdate Allto instantly downfill and also install the correct version ofallthe drivers that are absent or out of day on your device.(This needs thePro versionwhich comes withfull supportand also a30-day money-backguarantee. You’ll be prompted to upgrade when you click Update All. If you don’t desire to upgrade to the Pro variation, you can likewise upday your chauffeurs via the FREE version. All you should carry out is to downfill them one at a time and manually install them.)


The Pro variation of Driver Easycomes withfull technical support. If you require assistance, please contactDriver Easy’s assistance teamatsupport

After updating your drivers, restart your computer and play your game. You must have the ability to view a noticeable distinction in performance.

Fix 4: Turn off hardware acceleration

By default, hardware acceleration is allowed in Chrome and Discord. This function utilizes your computer’s GPU to tackle graphics-intensive jobs. But it deserve to reason your computer’s battery to drainpipe a lot faster. And as soon as you have pretty low FPS in the game, hardware acceleration might be the culprit. In this instance, you must turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome and also Discord.

In Chrome

1) At the peak appropriate, click on the 3 lines and also then pick Settings.


2) Scroll dvery own to the bottom and click on Advanced.


3) Scroll down to the System section, toggle off the alternative Use hardware acceleration when available. Then click Relaunch.


In Discord

1) Open Discord application. Click onSettings(the equipment symbol beside your avatar).


2) On the left pane, navigate to Appearance. In this tab, scroll dvery own to the ADVANCED area and also toggle off the choice Hardware Acceleration.


After turning off hardware acceleration, attempt and also play your game to check if it mitigates your issue.

Fix 5: Temporarily disable background programs

Ideally, we imply you close programs that might be using the internet and system sources. It’s also a good means to make certain that no third-party programs are interfering with your game. To disable programs running in the background, take these steps:

1) On your key-board, press theWindows logo design keyandRat the same time to open up the Run dialog box.

2) Typemsconfigand pressEnter.


3) Go to theServicestab. CheckHide all Microsoft servicesand also clickDisable all.


4) Now go to theStartuptab and also clickOpen Task Manager.


5) Under theStartuptab, disable one task at a time (Right-click each and also selectDisable.) Once done, restart your computer system.

Hopetotally, these fixes can help you enhance FPS and responsiveness in your game. If all else fails, make certain you revolve G-SYNC off to check if it works.

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If you have any principles or questions, please leave us a comment below. We’ll gain ago to you ASAP.