Diablo 3 waiting on another installation

When you are trying to play some Blizzard games on Battle.net application, the launcher could display you a message: Waiting on another installation or update. It is a normal prompt indicating that there are other pending installations or updays. However, some users comordinary that tbelow are no such things ongoing once they get the message.

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This is a prevalent worry that might appear on the Blizzard games. If you are also enduring “Waiting on one more installation or update” on Battle.net, don’t panic. I have actually put together a number of feasible services to this concern.

Battle.net Upday Agent is a process designed to look for updays for the client and install the obtainable updays immediately. Sometime, this procedure could become buggy and therefore lead to “waiting on an additional installation or update” concern. So, you deserve to try finishing the procedure to resolve the issue.

Tip 1: Cshed your Battle.net routine.

Tip 3: In Process tab, choose Battle.net Upday Agent process (Agent.exe) and click End job.

After killing the process, exit the tool and also rebegin your Battle.net client to inspect if you deserve to play games without the error.

Fix 2: Reinstall the Battle.net Launcher

If you receive Blizzard waiting on an additional installation or upday error, it’s feasible that there are some bugs on the certain release of Battle.net launcher you are making use of. In this case, you can reinstall the launcher to perform a manual update, which is also a recommended solution from the official.

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Step 2: Navigate to Programs > Programs and also Features.

Step 3: Choose Battle.net client and click Uninstall switch to uninstall the routine. Tbelow might be a dialog requiring you to confirm the procedure. Just click Yes to continue.

Tip 4: Go to the main website to download and install the latest version of Battle.net launcher.

After that, the regimen should have been readdressed.

Fix 3: Clean Boot Your Computer

Conversely, you deserve to clean boot your computer to deal with this problem. This operation will certainly store your Battle.net ameans from the interference of third-party programs or services and permit it to update properly. To execute that, simply follow the instructions below:



Step 3: Click Apply and also OK to save the alters.

Once it’s done, rebegin your computer system and open up your Battele.net client. Now, you need to be able to play Blizzard games without the error under our discussion.

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Fix 4: Revert DNS Settings to Default

If you have actually adjusted your DNS settings once, this approach could be helpful to fix Blizzard waiting on one more installation or update worry. let’s have a closer look at this method:

Tip 2: Double-click the network adapter you are utilizing and then click Properties in the pop-up window.