Difference between fm1 and fm2

As I’ve stated prior to, I love my brand-new Honda Civic. But tright here are still a couple of style quirks in my vehicle (power home windows, keymuch less entry), and also regularly cars in basic, that stubbornly defy logical explacountry. Today’s rant: the FM1/FM2 paradigm. Okay, so many automobile stereos (and I’m talking about the default stuff, not the aftersector sets) just have six terminal butlots to keep the dashboard looking nice and clean. And okay, maybe the majority of people want to be able to access more than 6 preset stations – particularly when every one of the first 6 are all at once on commercials, which happens even more regularly than any type of benevolent God would permit. But why, why invoke this FM1/FM2 thing? The synthetic difference of a “different” FM band also does more to confuse than to empower the user, as switching between a station on FM1 and also a station on FM2 is prohibitively difficult. Just think of the button presses: “uh oh, commercials…” “damn, commercials tright here also, much better switch back” . And save in mind that that FM1/2 button is often placed as an afterthought, far off from the frequently-used terminal buttons. That’s a facility process, daunting dashboard navigating, and a bunch of switch presses for someone who’s meant to be driving! A viable different exists, and also I’ve seen it in the strangest of places: an old auto. In this instance I believe it was my uncle’s late-80’s Chrysler New Yorker, or some other now-defunct also-ran, however they gained one thing best. Tbelow was no FM1/2 button; instead, pushing a station preset button as soon as provided you a station, however pressing it twice easily gave you a second. Sure, those double-click stations were second class citizens, however certainly no much less so than FM2 stations. Reverting earlier to your main 6 stations required no activity and also no believed at all – simply resume hitting terminal buttons as usual. Best of all, the multiple button presses for the second collection of stations were on the same switch, so chauffeurs require not be distracted by button-searching. Tap-tap, done: music to my ears!

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Excellent concept, my radio has this alternative, although rather of a double click you HOLD the button for about 2 secs (rather of the usual quick press) to access to second class stations. Although confutilizing if you HOLD for too long it goes into program mode...

December 4, 2009 at 2:51 PM

Dave Gustafsonsaid...

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I couldn't agree even more about press-and-host butloads - they're excellent, however miserable if there's more than one length of "hold!"

December 4, 2009 at 4:01 PM

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