Discord screen share infinite loading

Find that the Discord screen share function is not working for some odd reason? Or execute you find the screen share to be stuck on the babsence or grey screen? 

Discord is undoubtedly among the best participation platdevelops out there, particularly with its superior screen share functionality permitting multiple customers to share their display screen concurrently.

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Nonetheless, it’s yet another Discord attribute that’s not cost-free from errors either. So if you uncover tright here to be worries that you face whether through your very own display screen share or viewing someone else’s broadactors, note that these are reasonably prevalent troubles.

Personally, we’ve watched some display shares in Discord that crashes frequently and also gets stuck on the black or grey screen. Other times, the screen share on Discord may experience lagging, delays, and also very high latencies. In worse situations, also the Discord display screen share audio may not be working well either. Overall, these errors just leave an appealing viewing endure for various other users.


In light of that, we’ve curated this overview of 13 easy-to-follow actions to combat these “Discord screen share through a babsence screen” problem in minutes.

With that out of the means, let’s jump right into the measures.

Table of Contents

1. Restart Both the Discord Client and also the Application to Share

If this is your first time facing this Discord screen-sharing issue, this action have to be your first go-to. A straightforward reboot of both apps starts a brand-new session and also ensures that the apps fill appropriately. Hence, for this action, you’ll need to rebegin both the Discord client and the application you’re sharing, because you’re unspecific which app is the reason. 

Firstly, we’ll indicate percreating a straightforward refresh of the Discord Client. To perform this, pick the Discord window, and also simply push the Ctrl and also R crucial (For Windows) or the and also R essential (For macOS).


Now you must check out the Discord Window revolve empty and grey for a while, and then it’ll finish reloading within secs.

Secondly, you have the right to perform an extra thounstable rebegin of both the Discord client and game application by completely ending the work prior to reopening them. Note that just pushing the X switch at the top-ideal corner of the window wouldn’t close the applications entirely. The apps will certainly still be running in the background. Hence, the easiest method to “kill” the work is via the Task Manager before attempting to reboot the apps.

Hence, for this action, begin by right-clicking the taskbar, select Task Manager, and also under the procedures, choose Discord, then click the End task switch.


After that, do the exact exact same for the application you’re sharing as well. 

Once the processes have been ended, now you have the right to try opening both applications aacquire. It may be advised that you execute a simple restart of your PC after ending the work to watch a much more considerable impact.

2. Ensure the Video Game is Added on Discord

If you’re facing trouble sharing a certain game or also an application, you need to encertain that it is included under the Game Activity settings. Usually, once you run the game, it should appear in this list on Discord. However before, if it doesn’t, no concerns, you can manually add it easily. This step has actually been seen to be the solve in a variety of cases, so it doesn’t hurt to attempt it out.

For this, firstly, open up the game/application you wish to share and also the Discord client. Then, from the Discord client, click the Setups icon to open the User Settings menu.

Next from the left pane, under App Settings, select Video Game Activity. Following that, click the “Add it!” button then click the “Select…” box and also pick an application from the drop-down that you wish to share.


3. Open the Discord Client and the Application to Share as an Administrator

Both apps need to be launched or run as admin so that the apps have permissions to the crucial sources on your computer system. This action is specifically beneficial once you’re display sharing on Discord because you’re utilizing various sources concurrently, such as screen capture, microphone, and even video memory. 

Before proceeding with this step, encertain that you’ve completely closed both the Discord client and also the various other application. You have the right to follow Step 1 if you require a stormy overview on finishing the jobs.

For this step, right-click the Discord application and also sindicate select Run as administrator and select Yes at the succeeding “Allow this app to make changes to your device?” device message. After that, perform the same via the various other application that you’re sharing as well.


Running Steam Gamings as an Administrator

If you wish to stream a Steam game on Discord it may be tricky to launch it as an administrator given that there’s no straight button obtainable. However, the complying with measures will certainly present just how to launch your Steam games as an administrator eextremely time:

Firstly, from the Steam Client, pick Library from the top food selection. Then, right-click the game you wish to stream, from the list of games you have actually on the left, and pick “Properties…” from the drop-down.

At the succeeding Properties window, select Local Files from the optimal food selection, and click the “Browse Local Files…” switch.

Here, you should check out your game application, so pick it, then right-click the app and pick Properties.

Here, pick Compatibility from the optimal menu, and under Setups, tick the box following to “Run this regime as an administrator”, click Apply, and ultimately click OK.

With that done, the next time you launch that game application from Steam, it will be opened as an administrator.

4. Turn Off and also On the “Hardware Acceleration” Setting

As stated in the settings menu, the Hardware Acceleration establishing improves the Discord client performance by using your PC’s GPU and also not relying solely on the CPU. However, especially if you’re using an older COMPUTER through a sub-par or included GPU, your COMPUTER might not be able to simultaneously handle both apps (i.e., the Discord client and also the app you’re sharing). Hence, tbelow may be interference led to on both apps as a result of a boost in video memory consumption.

With that said, the following actions will certainly show exactly how to revolve the Hardware Acceleration settings of the Discord client Off and On.

To execute this, firstly click the Settings symbol to reach the User Settings food selection.

After that, on the left pane, under App Settings, choose Appearance, and under Advanced, turn off the switch beside Hardware Acceleration. Subsequently, at the Change Hardware Acceleration message, click OK to allow the transforms. You’ll then be triggered to rebegin the Discord Client.

With Hardware Acceleration turned off, be certain to check if your display share is running smoothly again. Conversely, if the Hardware Acceleration setting was initially switched off, try turning it on rather. 

5. Switch Off the “Use our latest technology” Setting

This is yet one more establishing that can possibly reason the “Discord display screen share not working” concern as it very closely relates to display screen sharing. We think this setting will increase hardware needs for the Discord client. Plus, screen sharing is a attribute that is dependent on various sources of your computer system. Especially considering you’re running two programs simultaneously. 

We imply giving this step a swarm since it verified to be efficient for others facing equivalent concerns with display sharing on Discord. On that note, the procedures below show just how to navigate to these settings to turn them off.

As with before, click the Setups symbol to access the User Settings menu. After that, from the left sidebar, under App Settings, pick Voice & Video. Finally, under Voice Diagnostics, rotate off the switch next to “Use our latest modern technologies to capture your screen”.

6. Upday the GPU Drivers on Your PC

As sassist prior to, display screen sharing on Discord is a significant resource-hungry procedure. Hence, outdated GPU chauffeurs might lead to poorer display screen sharing top quality, gameplay, and more frame price drops. Keeping the GPU motorists updated will certainly encertain they’re optimized to boost performance and also administer better screen support for your applications, consisting of Discord. Windows Central has actually a good guide on updating GPU drivers, which you can visit here.

Besides that, below are 2 methods we indicate to upday your PC’s graphics drivers to its latest versions, arranged from easiest to most tough. 

Method 1: Updating GPU Drivers via the Device Manager

The first approach we recommfinish trying is updating with the Device Manager settings. To execute this, right-click the Start food selection at the bottom left and also choose Device Manager. Subsequently, under Display adapters, right-click the GPU vehicle drivers available, and pick Update driver.

After that select, “Search immediately for updated driver software”, so your COMPUTER can start searching virtual for any obtainable updates. If tright here are updays available, it will certainly immediately begin downloading and installing it.

Finally, repeat the same actions for your other GPU motorists on the list also.

Method 2: Updating GPU Drivers with Windows Updates

For the second approach, you have the right to upday your GPU drivers by checking for Windows Updates. For this, open the Start menu, then search and open up Windows Upday settings. After that, click the Check for updates button to start looking for the latest updays for your PC’s chauffeurs.

If there are updays easily accessible, click the Download switch, and also the new updays will certainly be set up on your PC. Subsequently, you’ll be prompted to restart your PC.

Thstormy this action, you can acquire earlier any type of lacking chauffeurs vital to your PC’s and also applications’ performance, consisting of Discord.

And those are the two ideal means that we recommend to upday your PC’s GPU motorists. If you don’t find any kind of updates for your GPU also after months of no automatic updates, try manually looking for graphics chauffeurs updates. Of course, this technique might be a small more tedious and also time-consuming, so we indicate sticking to the previous two actions.

To manually search for GPU driver updays, you’ll have to uncover the GPU version for your PC via the System Information. After that, head over to the official site of your GPU manufacturer to search for updays for your specific GPU version. The adhering to are web links to the GPU driver downfill pages, which you can visit according to your GPU model.

7. Upday the Audio Drivers on Your PC

Aside from GPU chauffeurs, it’s additionally vital to upday your PC’s audio chauffeurs to challenge “Discord display share no audio” issues. If your PC’s sound motorists aren’t running the latest updays, perform expect to watch some bugs that may interfere through your screen share on Discord. This action is equivalent to the previous given that this action mainly entails looking for vital COMPUTER driver updays and installing them.

Having sassist that, the following are the 2 approaches we recommend to upday the audio chauffeurs on your PC.

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Method 1: Checking for Audio Driver Updays with the Device Manager

To start off, favor prior to, right-click the Windows button or the Start menu at the bottom left and also choose Device Manager. Here, under Sound, video and also game controllers, you’ll should inspect for each sound device’s updays. For this, right-click the audio tool and pick Upday Driver.

After that, choose Search immediately for updated driver software to begin looking virtual for any type of pfinishing updates.

If there is an update accessible, the upday will certainly be instantly downloaded and also mounted for your audio tool within minutes. Following that, the mechanism will prompt you to rebegin your PC, so click Yes, and let your COMPUTER percreate a basic rebegin.

This last action is to thoaround use the updated files for the audio motorists. Repeat the steps for the other sound devices under that list as well

Method 2: Manually downpack Audio Driver Updays from the Manufacturer Website

As discussed previously, manually finding for updates may be also tough, hence your safest bet would certainly be to stick through Method 1. Nonethemuch less, we recommfinish this step as an different if the previous action pertained to no avail. 

To perform this action, you’ll have to visit your COMPUTER or the driver manufacturer’s webwebsite. From tright here, look for the audio driver download page. You’ll many likely be able to discover it with a simple Google search. For example, if you’re making use of an Acer PC or a COMPUTER with a Realtek speaker, visit the matching site and also downpack the audio driver file. This file have to be in the .exe file format, so installing it is as easy as opening the file and clicking Next off a pair of times.

And just like that, the audio drivers’ software application on your PC have to be kept up-to-day and also will certainly percreate better than ever before. Along through that, similar to Step 6, ensure that you’re performing regular Windows Updates also to encertain the vital chauffeurs are preserved well-optimized.

8. Reset the Voice Settings of the Discord Client

In some instances, restoring the Voice settings to its default or original is the correct solve for discord screen share troubles, especially the no audio issue. Only after a while customers might notice issues via their display share as transforms have actually significantly been made to the voice settings. These transformed settings might interfere with your Discord display screen share leading to unwanted problems.

That being sassist, the complying with actions will certainly demonstrate how you need to reset the Discord application’s voice settings.

To carry out this, click the Settings icon to accessibility the User Settings. Next off, from the left pane, under App Settings, choose Voice & Video, scroll all the means dvery own and click Reset Voice Settings, and also click Okay at the following message.

9. Try Streaming a Different Window and Changing the Display Share Settings

Essentially through this step, we’re arguing to sindicate play about through the display share settings by switching between windows and also modes. We ain’t completely certain behind the reasoning behind why this works, but it certain did pertained to the rescue for many type of individuals. We think this action fixes the problem if the screen share was not started effectively as a result of some background configuration errors.

In addition, we suggest temporarily lowering the top quality of your stream through the display share settings, and seeing if that fixes the problem. Doing this will certainly mitigate the bandwidth requirement for your display share, so you can stream with lesser crashes and disturbances.

To access the easily accessible display screen share settings, click the arrowhead symbol on the screen switch at the bottom of your screen share.

From here, to switch windows, click Change Windows, then under Applications pick any of the easily accessible applications, and also click Go Live to start streaming it.

After doing that, you can switch back to the display screen you initially wanted to share, and watch if you’re able to share aget without any kind of “black screen” concerns.

Moving on, to readjust the top quality of your stream, from the screen share settings, this time, hover over Stream Quality and also pick a lower Frame Rate and Resolution.

If the display screen share returns to use, feel cost-free to head ago and also increase the stream top quality.

10. Launch the Application/Game You’re Streaming in Windowed Mode

For you to have the ability to display screen share an application or game on Discord, it cannot be running in full-screen mode. Because of this, it’s crucial to run your game in “Windowed mode” instead, to combat these “Discord display share via a black screen” concerns. This trouble is greatly for screen sharing games since the majority of games are in full-display mode by default. In future, we hope Discord will incorpoprice the streaming full-display games use. Luckily for currently, many kind of games give you the choice to run the games in windowed mode. 

For this, just head over to your Game’s Settings menu, and also you have the right to typically discover this establishing under Display/Video settings or a Display mode establishing. You have the right to pick to run the application in full-display screen windowed or borderless windowed, as long as it isn’t full-screen just.

Alternatively, you have the right to ensure the app opens in windowed mode by modifying the App Properties. For this, right-click the application and also select Properties. Next off, at the Properties window, select Shortcut from the peak bar, and also alongside Target, enter a space and also then -window or -w at the finish of the message. Once done, click Apply and OK to conserve the transforms.

With your application running in windowed mode, go ahead and also inspect if you’re able to display share these apps again.

11. Disabling Conflicting Third-Party Background Apps with Task Manager

Having numerous procedures running in the background deserve to interfere via your Discord display screen share. These unimportant apps have the right to eat up your RAM and cause lesser memory allocated for the Discord application. This, on peak of Discord’s high CPU and also memory usage, can reason unwanted crashes and disturbances through the app and your display screen share. 

Plus, it’s difficult to recognize which app, in specific, results in these problems through your display screen share. Although, we think apps that occupy a sizable memory and also CPU percentage are the actual culprits. On that note, we suggest ending or “killing” particular tasks that may be interfering through the Discord app. 

For this, open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and also choosing Task Manager. After that, under Processes, view which app occupies the highest possible Memory/RAM and CPU, select it, and click End Task.

To recognize the apps easier, you have the right to arselection the processes in descfinishing order of memory/CPU usage. Avoid finishing any vital background tasks such as your Antivirus software application.

After percreating this action, we recommend rebeginning the Discord client app, as stated in step 1. Once the app’s opened up up, be sure to examine if your screen share is up and also running aacquire.

12. Reinstall the Discord Client on Your PC

We constantly recommend this action towards the end of our Discord guides as it have the right to effectively solve assorted technical problems through Discord, consisting of display screen share problems. Basically, we start off by uninstalling the Discord Client, then we delete all the staying application data and also roaming files. After this, we head over to the Discord website to downpack a new copy of the installation file and start installing the client.

Remember to entirely close the Discord client prior to proceeding via the steps below to uninstall it.

For starters, open up the Run prompt by pressing the Windows and also R key together, then next to Open, form appwiz.cpl, and press OK.

Subsequently, from the list of programs, look for Discord, right-click it and select Uninstall.

Following that, you’ll have to delete all traces of the Discord client from your COMPUTER. To carry out this, open up the Run prompt (Windows + R key), this time, type in %appdata% and click OK. Then, from the list of folders, delete Discord.

Next, open the Run prompt (Windows + R key) once more, enter %localappdata%, click OK and also from the list of folders, delete Discord.

With that done, your PC need to have actually a clean brand-new copy of the Discord client. Be certain to open up the app to permit the client to update its papers via brand brand-new data, and later sign in to your same Discord account. Now, you deserve to check to view if you’re still facing the Discord display screen share with a black screen concern.

13. Contact Discord Support

Lastly, if this “Discord display screen share babsence screen” error simply doesn’t go ameans, your last retype will certainly be to raise the problem to Discord themselves. Although they might take a while to respond to you, you have the right to acquire fixes that are more fitting for your situation from Discord’s technological team. Besides that, from our endure, Discord answered our queries within a day or 2. 

On that note, there are 2 means we recommend to contact Discord Support. Normally, the second approach which entails submitting a request is a much better indicates of contacting Discord, and also you’ll attain a much more comprehensive response.

The first way we’ll imply is to submit the concern within the display screen share settings. From your display share on the Discord application, click the Setups icon to access the Stream Settings.

At the next home window, click Report a difficulty with your stream. Next off, click package under Streaming Issue, then from the drop-dvery own pick the error that finest defines your concern and click Submit.

If you still haven’t gained any kind of reply, we’ll imply moving onto submitting a request. For this action, visit the Discord Support site or click here. Next, pick Help & Safety at the initially message box. On the following page, under Type of Question, we indicate choosing Other Technical Issue. Following that, you’ll must carry out some vital information, such as your email, platdevelop, and a brief summary of the Discord display screen share black display error. Once done, ssuggest click Submit.

For both actions, be sure to check your email inbox that’s connected to your Discord account from time to time for any responses. Do suppose a short waiting duration of around 1-2 days.


In a nutshell, this is our take on resolving a Discord display screen share session that is not functioning all at once. Whether you have a Discord display screen share with a black display screen, constant crashes, or also no audio concerns, we pieced together these 13 measures to combat these errors. After each step, carry out a test run by turning on the display share to view if the problems remajor.

Lastly, feel cost-free to share in the comments if you have actually an different settle to this peskies Discord display share issue. Also, we would love to hear if any kind of of the actions above functioned out for you.

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