Disk drive 0 seek failure

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Hello, I simply installed a ram upgrade to a Dell Dimension C521. On begin up I now acquire Diskette drive 0 look for faiattract. I have actually tried eexceptionally solution (that I am technically qualified off) and also nopoint transforms the error message. Mind you as soon as the message does appear at begin up pressing F1 to ignore fires up the computer and also every little thing shows up to occupational simply fine.
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Diskette drive 0 seek failureI had the precise very same difficulty after I upgraded my RAM for my Dell Dimension C521. I also newly wiped my tough drive as a result of too much lag time (S......l.....o.....w). Adding RAM has made a world of distinction."Here is how I fixed my trouble.Choose F2On the left margin tright here is "System, Drives, etc."Choose "Drives"Choose "Diskette Drive" not "Drive 0 or 1 : SATA-0 or 1"Switch to "USB" from "Internal"Go to "Onboard Devices" in the left hand marginsCheck that "USB Contoller" is turned "On""ECS" & "Save & Exit"The other write-ups in different forums say to F2 & fill default, integral & FDC or FDS, and so on, did not present up as choices on my Dell Dimension C521. We have to have a various setup or system. I really don"t understand. Hope it works for ya. Good Luck & à votre santé.

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