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The error: Tbelow is no partition selected in vivaworldcup.info

“I require some help, please! I’m trying to format my USB flash drive to gain fullcapacity via vivaworldcup.info in Windows 7. Executed list disk > choose disk 2 > listpartition > delete partition, just to acquire the prompt ‘There are no partitionsschosen. Please choose a partition, and also try aget.’ Then I typed pick partition1, another error message prompts ‘Tright here is no partition selected’. What is theproblem? Why cannot Windows choose my drive?”

That is a help article on Windows 7 vivaworldcup.info There is no partition selected trouble inUSB drive formatting. Actually, tright here are other equivalent prompting messperiods ofvivaworldcup.info that bothering many kind of customers. For example, you may gain vivaworldcup.info Tright here is nodisk schosen error after inputting choose disk #, or there is no disk schosen to listpartition after the list partition command also. “Tbelow are no partitions on this disk toshow” error commonly means the disk has been cleaned and also no partitions existed. Youneed to develop one first.

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Why the partition cannot be selected as soon as Windows actually see the drive? Keepanalysis.

Possible reasons for Windows there is no partition schosen issue

According to Microsoft, prior to you can usage vivaworldcup.info commands on a disk, partition, orvolume, you should first list and also then select the object to provide it focus. When anobject has actually focus, any type of vivaworldcup.info regulates that you form act on that object. Pleasenote that the list partition command also display screens just partitions on the disk that haveemphasis. When you usage the list commands, an astethreat (*) shows up next to the objectthrough emphasis. You may desire to check out more information in vivaworldcup.infoCommand-Line Options.

Some users gain the Tbelow is no volume selected error simply bereason thepartition or volume has been schosen by vivaworldcup.info ALREADY. Thus, checkif tbelow is an astethreat (*) in front of the object you’d prefer to pick, just likewhat the user facing in the example. That indicates the partition has actually been focused now.


In terms of USB flash drive, Windows has a standard that might have actually affect on theoperation of the drive. That would certainly be, Windows just identify the first primarypartition on removable gadgets consisting of USB flash drive, SD card, memory card, etc.As an outcome, to format USB drive for instance, you have actually two ways to number it out,format all partitions on the drive with a different operating device instead ofWindows OS, and execute “clean” or “clean all” command in vivaworldcup.info.

How to settle tright here is no partition selected error in Windows easily?

If you still obtain the “no partition selected” message, Windows cleanmgr.exe might execute youa favor in cleaning partitions or volumes.

Clean partition via Windows cleanmgr.exe

Try this command to clean the drive in one more way.

1. Click Start and also then click Run, or press Victory + R crucial combinationto begin the Run.

2. In the Run box, input this command also and press Get in.

c:windowsSYSTEM32cleanmgr.exe /f: (wright here f is thedrive letter of the difficult drive partition that you’d favor to clean)

3. Choose the appropriate drive letter from the drop-down list to clean up.

4. Open Disk Management and uncover the partition you’ve cleaned simply currently. Right clickit and also choose “New Simple Volume” to develop a brand-new partition if crucial.

Tips: above method uses to hard drive partition just.

Workapproximately to solve there is no partition schosen in vivaworldcup.info

Other than sassist solution to fix the trouble, you actually have actually an much easier means to getthings settled down. AOMEI PartitionAssistant Standard is cost-free partition manager that have the right to help you regulate yourdifficult drive partition, USB flash drive, SSD, portable tough drive, and SD cardsuccessfully.

In information, the software application enables you to resize partition without data loss, movepartition to the left or right side, merge partitions right into a bigger one, makepartition energetic, split partition right into a number of ones, delete and also format partitionthoabout, create main and logical partition, copy disk to another, migrateOS to SSD without reinstalling, etc.

Facing such comprehensive yet completely free software, don’t you want to free downfill (Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista supported)and have actually a shot.

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Manage partition properly through freeware

In the first location, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant on your COMPUTER. Connect theUSB flash drive or any type of various other drives to your machine as soon as vital.

Format Partition Completely


1. Find the partition you’d favor to format and appropriate click it. Select FormatPartition from the list.

2. Specify the partition label, file device, and cluster size in the pop-up window.Then click OK.

3. Click Apply on the toolbar and also then Proceed inthe popping up window to take impact.

Tips: to wipe all data thoabout on schosen partition, pleasechoose Wipe Partition at the first action.

Mark Partition as Active Easily


1. Right click the partition you desire to collection energetic and selectAdvanced > Set Active Partition.

2. Confirm the procedure. Finally, click Apply on the toolbar andthen Proceed in the popping up window to take result.

Note: Setting the partition as an active partition might make otherprimary partitions on the very same disk become inenergetic, because just one activepartition (usually system or boot drive) is allowed on a physical hard disk. Be surethat you’ve aware of the risk.

Create Partition with Unalsituated Gap or ExistingPartitions


1. Right click an unalsituated area or existing redundant partition and selectCreate Partition.

2. Specify drive letter and also partition size. Partition label and file device would beavailable in Advanced if you develop a brand-new partition from existingone.

Change Partition Type ID and Serial Number


1. Right click the target partition, select Advanced and also thenChange Partition Type ID or Change Serial Number.

2. Select one more Type ID from the list or input a brand-new serial number and also then clickOK.

Tips: this operation requirements to be finish in AOMEI PartitionAssistant Professional. Please upgrade to acquire itfinimelted. By the means, command line operations with all sassist features are alsoreadily available in the Professional edition.

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Now you watch the trick of Windows and also know what to do in regards to tbelow is nopartition schosen error while perdevelop vivaworldcup.info commands on USB drive or otherdrives. In fact, you have actually much better way to mange tough drive partition efficiently.AOMEI Partition Assistant additionally permits you to settle MBR on externaldrive and also internal drive in easy actions and also secucount wipe SSD data without hurting its lifeexpectations.