Divinity original sin 2 error connection failed

Divinity: The Initial Sin 2, a long-awaited sequel to the award-winning role-playing game, is now available on Steam, and also many players seem to be having fun through the game. The sequel is great, you have actually unlimited liberty to check out and experiment, approximately 4 players virtual and also a split-display screen multiplayer mode, Video Game Master mode and many kind of other good functions.

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Critics and also gamers say this game is just one of the finest strategy games since XCOM. In spite of the positive reactions, the computer system version encounters some technological difficulties and also bugs that seem to interrupt the game for some players.

Several of these errors are pertained to the backup feature. It is evident that you cannot save or pack the game because it ends up on the desktop computer or because you enrespond to a random error. Other players cannot create a character throughout the game or expect it to fail.

Our team has put together a guide via the 6 best bug fixes to assist you acquire your game in order and also acquire started!

Make certain your computer meets the minimum demands for the game, then inspect out our list of solutions for your difficulties.




Operating system:Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-little or Windows 10 64-bitProcessor:Intel Core i7 or identical.Memory:8 GB RAMgraphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or AMD R9 280DirectX:Version 11Memory:35 GB complimentary space

Attention! Please note that if you don’t understand how to apply a solution or workroughly, you deserve to contact us by leaving a comment below or on our assistance page, and also someone from our team will aid you solve your game as shortly as possible!

#1 Divinity: Original sin 2 Hello


Some players have difficulties once trying to save or downpack the game. Sometimes your saved papers fail or are damaged and also you cannot downpack them.

The developers managed to release a patch for this trouble pretty conveniently, so you don’t have to concern about this bug anyeven more. But if so, make certain you have actually this last patch set up, restart the game and also steam up. You deserve to additionally attempt this tutorial here to listen to Save if you have updated the game and still can’t conserve it.

First, give thanks to you for your patience. The previous few days we have actually had even more troubles than we had hoped for, yet we are working hard to resolve them. We’ll take care of it as shortly as feasible.

We have great news for those that had actually problems via their conserved games after a few hours of play – we’ve simply released a patch that solves this difficulty. Existing rescue kits need to work now.

We are working on an additional patch to solve some of the various other problems you might have actually noticed and we will certainly release it in the following few days.

#2 Divinity: Initial sin 2 Destruction

The trouble, which just affects some individuals, is that the game may crash from time to time, either after a details time in the game or possibly on the start screen. If you are one of the players dealing with mishaps, examine out our options listed below to resolve them.

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Try to play a game in a window or in the dummy full-screen mode.Try running the game in compatibility mode on Windows 7.For the crashnvwgf2umx.dll: this crash is regarded Nvidia motorists. To deal with this, you must percreate a clean driver installation and also then restart your computer system.

#3 Divinity: Initial sin 2 Start-up problems

If your game doesn’t start, or if you’ve discovered startup errors, such as a absent .dll, check the adhering to procedures to correct them.

1. If the game doesn’t start, just store going: Check your video driver and also update it if essential.

2. When you start a game for the first time, Steam generally supplies the following default settings. If you don’t have them, you can uncover them online at the following locations.

– Visual C++ Radist 2015


Select 64 Bits

– .net 3.5


Select the Microsoft .NET Frameoccupational 4 client profile (Web Installer)

3. If you have troubles with api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, Microsoft will certainly distribute an upday to solve the trouble.

// assistance.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2999226

#4 Divinity: Original sin 2 Symbol pasted

This is a reasonably rare problem that appears to take place much less often than in the previous variation, but it has actually been reported a few times anymethod (the last update had fixes, but supposedly not for all feasible reasons).

Saving and also restarting need to regain manage of the icon. During a fight you deserve to conserve money, so you don’t need to run ameans and come earlier or fight alone via various other party members.

#5 Divinity: Original sin 2 Problems through solution

If you have troubles via the resolution or user interconfront of your Nvidia card, go to the Nvidia regulate panel and disable the stereoscopic 3D alternative.

#6 Divinity: Initial sin 2 server problems

Eexceptionally time I try to start the game, the connection to the Larian assistance server has failed. The Larian assistance tool has been deset off. An exception to this has actually been made in the time of the internet client’s request. – The error when developing a web proxy specified in the configuration section system.net/defaultProxy. The game itself is going pretty well, however I can’t obtain right into the arena and I can’t play the MS campaign either, it’s just stuck in the cargo host forever.

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If you comsimple of interaction difficulties, make sure you have checked your antivirus/firewall regimen and also that it does not block the game. Then percreate a general link diagnosis. Resetting the network adapter seems to have actually solved the difficulty for some people. Sometimes running the game on befifty percent of the administrator deserve to likewise solve these link problems.

Have fun playing Divinity: Initial Sin 2!

We hope that at this allude you have corrected all your deity:. original sin 2 errorsand troubles and also that you enjoy the game. If you still have troubles and also can’t solve them or don’t know exactly how to usage our remedies, please respond below or go to the aid web page of our support site. Then a member of our team will aid you correct your mistake as shortly as feasible so that you have the right to enjoy the game. –Error display command