Do ps2 memory cards work on ps1

I have a PS1, PS2, PSP and also a PS3. With an adapter (main, made by Sony), I was able to copy my old file saves from my old games into my PS3, so I have the right to keep them without being erased for lengthy time...

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However before, I still like to play via my old consoles periodically, so I additionally usage my old memory cards (from PS1 and also PS2). Also, acomponent from the PS household consoles, I had actually a GameBoy, but some games" cartridges" batteries passed away. I am wondering if the PS1 or PS2 memory cards experience from something similar to this. Will the saves be erased after years?

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PlayStation and PlayStation 2 memory cards, in addition to the Memory Stick Duo cards offered by the PSP, all use flash memory which is a form non-volatile memory that doesn"t require power to preserve its state. So they will not shed their conserves the exact same method your old GameBoy cartridges did bereason they don"t have batteries that can go dead.

However before nopoint lasts forever and also there are two means your memory cards might finish failing through normal usage, also if you take the uta lot of care of them. The first is that because they have metal contacts choose cartridge games, these contacts have the right to wear out from repetitive usage just favor they did via cartridge games. You may have actually heard stories of world blowing right into their old Nintenexecute cartridges to get them to occupational. Do not execute this, or carry out anything else to try to clean the memory cards, it will certainly just make things worse. In practice I"ve never heard of memory card failing this way. Along through more recent game cartridges they"re most likely produced to better stand approximately repeated insertions and also removals than those old game cartridges. A prevalent number of discussed on the Net is 10,000 insertion/removals for an SD card, which means it"ll last 27 years if you plug it in and pull it out once every day.

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The various other problem is that the flash memory itself will wear out eventually. They deserve to just withstand so many erase/routine cycles prior to the location of memory being written to falls short and can longer store information. For instance, among the flash chips provided in PlayStation 2 memory cards is rated 250,000 erase/program cycles. In concept this is a lot, and you need to never before see a PS2 memory card fail this method, but in practice I"ve heard of some cards have actually failing bereason of memory errors. At least part of the difficulty is the means saves are stored in PS2 cards, causing the exact same area of the flash memory to written multiple times, over and also over aget, each time you save.

The endurance of flash memory is proportional to the dimension of the flash memory. Higher capacity flash chips are rated for a lot much less erase/regimen cycles than reduced capacity chips. This suggests memory cards for the original PlayStation (128 KB) have to have a much longer endurance than PS2 cards (8 MB), particularly provided the much easier way saves were stored. The a lot even more thick memory supplied in Memory Stick Duo Pro cards for the PSP (up to 32 GB) have to have much less endurance, however overcreating the very same location of memory over and also over is a lot less of problem.

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Note that both of these potential failures are the outcome of actually utilizing the memory cards. Just sitting on the shelf, safely stored away, namong these difficulties will certainly manifest themselves. No one knows just how lengthy flash memory will certainly last choose this, yet it seems it have to be for very long time. Much much longer than battery on your old GameBoy cartridges in any type of instance.