Does ps4 have sd card slot

If you have been making use of PlayStation-4 for a year now or so, many more than likely you have actually concerned realize that you’ve not been offered enough memory through PS4 to save and also install all your favorite games and also applications, and that you inevitably need to confront the bitter location that you need to complimentary up even more space on PS4 memory for the new installations by removing less essential games/apps, which could not be a perfect solution for the vast majority of customers.

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Luckily, Sony, the manufacturer of PS4, has actually available two workarounds for this situation, which are that either you upgrade the inner memory of PS4 to a bigger volume by replacing it via a new memory tool, or include an exterior memory to your PS4 without the should go via the hassles of inner upgrade procedure.

Both techniques have actually their very own Pros and Cons. And although we constantly prioritize upgrading PS4 inner memory in all instances, not just bereason of the additional area you’ll get, however, more importantly, because of the significant performance increase the brand-new memory gadget offers to PS4 that will boost your gaming endure and take it to the next level. That’s because PS4 employs an old (7 years old!) and also obsolete memory gadget that no longer meets the typical specifications of contemporary devices. And if you bear in mind the constant enhancements in video game industry in terms of coding and also graphics, you’ll surely realize that the stock memory tool is worthmuch less in this age (Read more around this concern here).

Before going right into deep details addressing these two memory growth approaches, we like forea lot of to present the best interior and also outside memory devices that you can use for the objective of increasing PS4 memory to even more than the double of size.

Best Internal Memory Upgrades

If you’ve decided to upgrade the internal memory gadget of PS4 which is featured by a traditional mechanical hard drive (HDD), then you can’t discover better choices than the ones noted below.

It’s worth to note that we don’t support upgrading PS4 inner memory to much less than 2tb of capacity, as the contemporary storage demands in gaming room are rapidly and also constantly enhancing day by day, and also having less than 2tb of memory room won’t help you for lengthy if you’re a consistent player, unless you deem yourself an occasional player, then the situation differs for you.

As such, the PS4 memory solutions noted listed below are of 2tb of capacity not much less, and also even not even more, as it is the perfect limit for the overwhelming majority of customers. If you require bigger capacity, you may check out our overview on PS4 4tb Storage.

Bear in mind that only Seagate brand is accessible in the industry in 2tb capacity, that’s why we’ve not detailed any type of other brand also for PS4 memory upgrade.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB
Look nowbelow else if you’re major about enhancing your gaming suffer via PS4. With Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD , you’ll gain a 2tb of HDD storage space, 8gb of SSD memory on the second tier caching, and also 128mb cache buffer as first tier caching, making this drive the best non-SSD 2.5-inch difficult drive ever before in background. (Read a considerable evaluation here)

Conversely, you have the right to get a complete upgrade kit favor “Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit” that has, in addition to the above drive, every little thing you need for a seammuch less upgrade process.

More Options

If, for any type of factor, you don’t prefer to opt for an SSHD, you have the right to go for a standard hard drive like the one lhelp out below.

It’s precisely the very same drive as over via all functions other than that it doesn’t have actually a 2nd-tier SSD memory caching plus the warranty is just 2 years.

Seagate Barracuda 2tb HDDST2000LM015

After this point there’s no various other drive we deserve to recommend. We declared currently that all of the 2tb capacity tough drives are made by Seagate only, so other options in hands are just obsolete models choose Seagate Mobile HDD and also Seagate SpinPoint M9T.

Going for SSD

You might want additionally to upgrade PS4 memory via an SSD memory rather. This solution offers an unparalleled rate and improve your gaming endure through PS4 to the max. But that doesn’t come without some significant caveats that you have to bear in mind prior to making this kinda bold step.

You can read more on using an SSD to upgrade PS4 memory in our PS4 SSD Upgrade Guide.

Additionally, if you very own the PS4 Pro model, you can want to check out around upgrading its inner memory to an SSD in this short article.

Best External Memory Add-Ons

It’s possible to expand also PS4 memory by including an outside memory device to it. This solution has actually been accessible considering that the initial release of PS4 System Software 4.5 in Feb 2017. With that you deserve to obtain extra memory area without the have to rerelocate and also rearea the internal memory device, and it’s a really quick operation that doesn’t call for you even more than 5 minutes to finish. You can check out more details on this worry in our PS4 USB External HDD Guide.

USB Flash Memory

In addition, it’s additionally feasible to use a USB flash memory stick for lightweight storage objectives through PS4, if all what you need is simply a little propercentage of external space to conserve your individual data. Try to read even more around that in our PS4 Compatible USB Flash Memory Guide.

As for the references for both choices, you have the right to check out the finish list in our PS4 USB External HDD Guide for external hard drives, and an additional list for flash memories in our PS4 Compatible USB Flash Memory Guide. That’s bereason the lists are long and we don’t want to prolong this area to undesired level.

What’s PS4 Memory?

PS4 memory is the amount of storage area allocated to store documents for the user to accessibility within PS4 device. It is featured by a mechanical difficult drive (HDD) and also comes in either 500gb capacity (the initial version) or 1tb (the updated version). You have the right to review more on PS4 HDD size to find out the actual storage area obtainable for usage.

This limitation of memory in PS4 is considered also little in this modern-day age, bearing in mind the raising file dimension of games and also applications to an extent that consistent customers deserve to conveniently fill up their PS4 memory in a period of few months just. For this reason, upgrading that memory to a bigger size is a preference of a broad range of PS4 users, and also it has been a hot trfinish now, particularly once Sony announced last year its wide-variety support for exterior memory.

PS4 Memory Size

PS4 memory size differs relying on the variation of PS4 you have. If you have actually the initial variation of PS4 that was released in 2013, the memory dimension is 500gb, and the usable area of it is 408gb. As for the updated variation of PS4 released in 2015, the memory dimension is 1tb, and also you’ll obtain 861gb of usable area. And if you gauge your demands as a continual user, you’ll more than likely deduce that even the 1tb memory dimension is not enough and also that it demands to be upgraded/broadened to a bigger volume.

Upgrading PS4 Memory

Tright here are 3 factors why users tend to upgrade PS4 memory, which are:

PS4 memory is full and user demands more room to install additional games and also applications.PS4 is getting slow as a result of the deterioration of the memory device performance, and also replacing it with a brand-new tool deserve to often solve that issue.

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PS4 memory tool has actually started to fail and cause errors and ending up being undependable. A brand-new tool have the right to solve this situation correctly.

We couldn’t find any type of other factor that promotes for upgrading the inner memory of PS4.

How to Add More Memory to PS4

The procedure of adding even more memory to PS4 and broadening its limit has actually been made deliberately so straightforward by Sony, in order to administer customers with the ideal flexibility in this regard. And, relying on your technique to gain extra memory on your PS4, the procedure differs.

Get more Internal Memory

Getting additional internal memory calls for you to rerelocate and also rearea the interior memory device with a brand-new and also bigger one. If you are rather a savvy, the process will certainly be so straightforward to lug out. But if you have actually no technological background at all, you’ll need to be very careful once you follow the upgrade procedure instructions.

You’ll need initially a compatible PS4 Memory tool. This is the most vital component of all. We recommfinish Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD, as it offers the ideal solution for PS4 in terms of overall attributes. It is a well-designed solution that comguarantees capacity, rate and price in one gadget.

You’ll require also a Philips-head screwdriver, an external hard drive enclocertain , an outside memory tool for System Software installation (preferably a USB flash memory) , and also an outside tough drive if you desire to backup your game and apps mounted on the stock memory device.

Now, downpack the FULL PS4 System software package from this page , not simply the patch, and also conserve it to your USB flash memory.

Now, watch the video below and also follow closely the portrayed instructions:

Up to this allude you’ll gain an added memory area for your PS4 and also reap even more games, apps and also movies favor you never before did.

Get More External Memory

Using outside memories with PS4 has actually been freshly extremely renowned among PS4 fanboys who look for even more memory space for their game console. It’s the most basic way to get a second memory for your PS4, and it doesn’t need you to be a savvy or go through the hassles of interior memory upgrade process.

It has its very own benefits and also disbenefits though. The greatest 2 benefit are that it’s an extremely simple solution to implement and you don’t need to wait for nearly 2 hours to attain the new memory addition, unlike the instance through the inner memory replacement.

How to Use

Tright here are 2 kinds of outside memory you have the right to use via PS4—External HDD and also USB flash memory. Both hregarding be compatible through PS4 device in order to gain them functioning appropriately as an expansion to the PS4 main memory.

As for compatibility, the drive should assistance USB 3.0 standards and its capacity ranges from 250gb to 8tb. You deserve to review even more around the compatibility worry in details below.

Once you acquire a PS4-compatible exterior hard drive or USB flash memory, you must follow the steps shown in the video listed below, and also you’ll be done.

Now you deserve to gain the additional memory area on PS4. But you need to note that if performance is one of your priorities, then you may consider upgrading PS4 interior memory initially. Read a quick comparison between the 2 options right here.

Using PS4 Memory Bank

One of the most widespread methods to rise the memory of PS4 in the past wregarding use a memory bank, or what is called: File Bank. It is an accessory that helps user to integrate a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive right into PS4 without the should cram it inside the drive cage. Instead, user hregarding affix the tough drive cables from the PS4 motherboard to that memory bank. Then, location that memory financial institution box above the body of PS4, and install the desktop computer tough drive inside that memory bank, as you deserve to view in the picture below:


The usage of memory bank is quickly declining after the wide-array support for outside memories that permits to expand PS4 memory externally, without the need of replacing the inner memory tool. But though, it’s still one of the popular options because of the high performance advantage desktop HDDs offer over lappeak drives.

PS4 Memory Card

Unchoose PS1 and PS2, PS4 doesn’t assistance including memory cards the conventional method it supplied to be in the older versions (i.e. internally) and also this would certainly show up obviously once you fail to discover a memory card slot on your PS4 box.

PS4 has actually traded memory cards for USB Flash drives. So if you desire a little storage gadget wbelow you deserve to store your game saves and share them via your friends, the ideal choice below is a USB flash drive, NOT a memory card.

If you want still to usage a memory card with PS4, you better go then for a USB 3.0 memory card reader, and we recommfinish Anker 8-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader.


Adding even more memory to PS4 is mandatory in this modern age because of the reality that games and apps are coming in a constantly-boosting file dimension that the limited memory area offered by PS4 deserve to conveniently acquire filled through continuous players, let alone enthusiasts.

Therefore, if you are a player who has actually numerous games and apps to install for your PS4, then you need to take the issue of broadening PS4 memory seriously and take into consideration acquiring at leastern 2tb of memory space. Other customers who have actually huge needs for storage would choose 4tb or also 8tb, yet usually they have actually impressive needs and also special situations, favor that they share their game consingle via various other household members that each one of them have his very own set of games to play.

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Whatever the reason you have actually for upgrading PS4 memory, it’s constantly recommfinished in order to fulfill the storage needs these days. And when you obtain even more memory on PS4, you’ll feel the real distinction.