Does sims 4 run better than sims 3

Alot of us have lagging/slowness concerns while playing the Sims 3 after installing added expansions. What is it prefer through the Sims 4?


Well we obviously can't tell how TS4 runs via multiple expansions yet, yet the base game is really smooth and no lag. Then aget I didn't have many kind of problems with TS3 either...

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Just curious, did you install all the expansions for TS3? I discover it's really clunky also after I mounted the mod that is supposed to clean up stuffs.

After that heart burn, I'm hesitate to make further purchase on the sims product.

I had actually enormous performance worries through The Sims 3 base game running on a reasonably expensive gaming rig and an SSD. With Sims 4, all of those issues problems I was having actually are gone. I obtain really good regular FPS and the fill times are constantly under 10 seconds for me (consisting of the pack time it takes to initially pack the game). But I've heard that others are having actually some pretty bad worries through the game choose Sim Supply, dunno if he's discovered a deal with for them yet though.

Sims 4, no lag so far.

I'm running an A10-7850 APU, via no graphics card. Graphics set to Ultra.

My sister has actually a really old laptop that is on its last leg and also she logged right into my account and set up it last night and also she said it was surprisingly smooth. She had actually trouble playing TS3 earlier when the laptop was brand-new.

I have actually a i7 4700MQ and also GTX 765M installed on a SSD. It runs well till I begin to fill my plot through clutter, then there's a noticeable slow dvery own especially as soon as accelerating time or having a big residence party. It's a tiny annoying, yet not unplayable.

So I have two laptop computers and my fiancee has one. Luckily for this example they're practically perfect as far as, "low end", "medium build", and "high end".

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With The Sims 3 I couldn't play it on my low finish computer system at all. It would certainly crash the computer eextremely time and also never pack anything, period. Its 4 or 5 years old and also does everything else fine, let's me play certain vapor games however I bought it for school, not gaming so I figure it's expected.

My medium construct can run it but it lagged really bad. I'm talking 15 or even more minutes just from clicking the icon to actually being able to play a household. Once I loaded expansions and also dlc it was practically unplayable. It would certainly often crash or entirely freeze. My sims would stand about doing nothing for hrs with somepoint in their queue, and so on.

Her high end computer would play it without crashes however the lag, wait time and also standing around was nearly as poor.

Now for the Sims 4.

I set up it on my medium rig first and also it ran excellent prior to my computer system began acting up and not being able to review disks and cshedding eexceptionally program I opened, not a fault of The Sims though.

I was exceptionally skeptical to even attempt it on my low finish computer, learning exactly how much trouble it has actually with whatever yet I was despeprice to play so I provided it a try.

Flawless. Low wait times, I have the right to click the symbol and also be playing in less than 2 minutes. No lag, no crashing, no standing roughly. Best of all I'm running it on the tool settings via Sims detail and object information collection to high and it's STILL quick, smooth and also exceptional.

This is a five year old lapoptimal that was never before developed for gaming and it's playing it excellently. I couldn't be even more pleased. The Sims 3 had actually so many type of difficulties I regularly just didn't play it bereason it was even more work-related Han enjoyment and this is the oppowebsite. I remained up so late playing last night that I just obtained 2.5 hrs sleep.

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TL;DR : their claim that it would run on low finish rigs was not a lie. It runs smoothly on a 5 year old basic laptop from Wal-Mart that I bought for surfing and composing files through.