Dragon age inquisition crashes at startup

Dragon Era Inquisition is among the most renowned fantasy role-playing games out tbelow. It is accessible on all major platforms such as Xbox One, PC, and also PS4. This game is not immune to hiccups. Hence, at times, it crashes as soon as launched. Many kind of gamers are complaining around the crashing worry on Dragon Era Inquisition. Thanktotally, this issue can be refixed quickly. Read on to learn around the potential remedies to settle this trouble.

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Disable the Third-Party Antivirus Tool

Your antivirus or antimalware tool may be preventing you from enjoying a smooth gaming suffer. Hence, you must go to the settings and disable the antivirus software for some time. After that, launch the game and also see if it is still crashing or not.

Clean Boot Windows

You have the right to clean boot Windows by complying with these remedies mentioned below:

Hit the Windows and also R secrets simultaneously on the keyboard to invoke the Run pop-up.Thereafter, insert ‘msconfig’ into it and choose the OK switch.You should select the radio switch of ‘Selective startup’ over the tab of General, in situation it’s not currently liked.Go to the box of ‘Load startup items’ and untick it.You have to pick the choices of ‘Use original boot configuration’ and also ‘Load device services’ in instance they are not liked.Later, mark the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ box.Navigate to the button of Disable all.You must hit the button of Apply.Later, select the OK switch to departure the MSConfig screen.Now, hit the button of Restart on the prompt.

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Disable Origin’s In-Video Game Menus

You deserve to disable Origin’s in-game menus by following these services discussed below:

Firstly, invoke the Origin’s display and also sign-in if necessary.You have to choose the food selection of Origin to pick the ‘Application Settings’ option.Then pick the tab of ‘Origin In-Game.’Now, switch the toggle of ‘Enable Origin In-Game’ to disable it if required.Gamers who gained the game from Origin can attempt to revolve off the game’s clients in-game menus to solve the crashing issue.

Uninstalling the 3D Vision Driver

You deserve to uninstall the 3D vision driver by complying with these remedies mentioned below:

Hold the Windows and also R keys simultaneously to invoke the Run pop-up.After that, insert ‘appwiz’ right into it and also hit the Go into essential to launch the uninstaller applet of Windows.You should choose the ‘NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver’ option from the list of software.Then hit the Uninstall and Yes butloads to delete 3D Vision.Now, reboot the lapoptimal or desktop when you have actually unmounted the NVIDIA 3D Vision.

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