Dragon age inquisition opens then closes

Dragon Era Inquisition Crash On Startup:-It’s no arguing the truth that Dragon Age: Inquisition is just one of the finest action role-playing games in the market. Electronic Arts and BioWare have efficiently managed to blfinish a perfect storyline via the ideal and also captivating graphics to carry out players through distinctive gaming suffer.

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Some of my friends are greatly facing dragon age inquisition crash on startup windows 10. Even though it is the 3rd addition to the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition has still regulated to appeal to a more comprehensive variety of audience, many thanks to the addictive gameplay it offers.


While the game works fine on the majority of the platdevelops, there are some situations wbelow human being have witnessed sudden crashes, specifically during the startup. Windows 10 users have actually confronted the dragon age inquisition crash on startup more typically as compared to others.

If that’s the instance via you too, we have actually scribbled down a complete list of tips that’ll help you tackle the instance. Keep in mind that the crash deserve to happen because of an variety of reasons. So, any one of the complying with strategies might assist you to fix dragon age inquisition not launching.

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Method 4:Try Changing the Graphics Settings or Updating Graphics Card

Method 1:Check If Your PC has actually Required Hardware Configuration or Not

First things initially, if the dragon age inquisition crashes on startup is, there might be a possibility that your COMPUTER does no meet the minimum system requirements of the game. In this scenario, you’ll have no various other option however to upgrade your device.

Here are the minimum mechanism requirements for Dragon Age: Inquisition:

OSWindows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
Processor (AMD)QuadCore
2.5 GHz
Processor (Intel)QuadCore
2.0 GHz
Memory4 GB
Graphics Card (AMD)Radeon HD 4870
Graphics Card (NVIDIA)GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory:512 MB
Hard Drive26 GB
Internet512 kbps up and down

Check your PC’s configurations and also if it doesn’t have actually the minimum requirements, consider upgrading it.

Method 2:Disable the Antivirus

If you have actually mounted a committed antivirus on your COMPUTER, it can be the reason that’s leading to the dragon age inquisition crashing on startup. In this case, you can either entirely disable the antivirus software program or add an exception for Dragon Age: Inquisition in the antivirus’ exception list. When it involves including an exemption for the game, each antivirus software program will certainly require a different procedure. So, make certain to review the documentation to inspect just how to include an exemption in the antivirus software program you have actually installed on your COMPUTER. Still dragon age inquisition will not launch then follow following technique.

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Method 3:-Un-install Nvidia 3D Vision

Believe it or not, yet tright here have actually been reports wbelow Nvidia 3D vision is the reason for a game to crash. Now, we understand that 3D vision is designed to allow civilization to watch Blu-Ray content on their PC, however apparently it’s restricting human being from playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If you have likewise installed 3D Vision on your system, make certain to uninstall it before running the game because it is likewise a factor for dragon age inquisition launches then closes.

Here’s are the measures you can follow to un-install 3D vision on your system:

Open the Run Dialog Box by pushing Windows+R on your COMPUTER.Navigate through the list and also right-click Nvidia 3D system.Follow the on-display screen instructions to totally uninstall Nvidia 3D vision from your system.

Once the 3D vision is completely unmounted, restart your system to check whether Dragon Age: Inquisition is running without crashing or not.

Method 4:Try Changing the Graphics Settings or Updating Graphics Card

In many kind of instances, players use ultra and also high graphic settings while playing the dragon age inquisition heavy steam. Now, there’s nothing wrong through running your game on ultra graphics settings, but if your mechanism cannot assistance these graphics settings, the game is most most likely to crash.

If you have been running the game on high graphics, attempt lowering the graphics settings. You can likewise collection the graphic high quality to automatic. This will allow the game to immediately set the a lot of suitable graphics settings as per your system’s hardware capabilities.

Upday Graphics Card

If the graphics driver is out of day, Dragon Age Inquisition not launching home windows 10 problems might also occur. Follow actions to upday your graphic card driver.

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Now click display screen adopter.

However before, if the dragon age inquisition won’t launch still , review the remainder of the techniques mentioned listed below.

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Method 5:Disable Built-In Origins Menu

Players that have actually bought their game from Origin should understand that the EA platdevelop has actually added a devoted built-in menu, that apparently resulted in the crashing problem for many players. In truth, many type of players went virtual to report this concern and proclaimed that sindicate disabling the built-food selection assisted them run the game without encountering any type of issues.

So, if namong the above-discussed techniques work-related for you, ssuggest disable the built-in origin food selection and also try re-launching the game. Follow these procedures to disable integrated origin on your mechanism.

Log right into your EA account by including your user credentials to the origin client.Click on the Application settings in the primary Origin menu and choose beginning in-game tab.Un-examine ‘Enable Origin in-game’ checkbox to disable the in-constructed menu.

If dragon age inquisition crashes on launch was being resulted in by the integrated Origin food selection, it is the majority of likely to be readdressed by currently and you’d have the ability to reap uninterrupted gameplay. However, if the dragon age inquisition not beginning still remains the very same, don’t problem, we still have two arrows left in the quiver.

Method 6: Underclock Your GPU

Many gamers often overclock the processor or RAM to enjoy the high performance while playing the game. While this technique works the majority of of the time, it deserve to also have an adverse influence as well. In situation you have newly overclocked your GPU, ssuggest revert it to the default settings; or also underclock it for much better and also uninterrupted gameplay.

Method 7:- Run It in Compatibility Mode

If dragon age inquisition won’t launch pc then follow this technique. Anvarious other finest solution is running Dragon Age Inquisition in safe mode.

Firstly open game file location on your PC.Now simply right-click on your game icon and select properties.Go to the Compatibility tab and also tick the checkbox to run the game in compatibility mode.Click on okay to conserve changes and run the game.

Method 8:Uninstall & Re-install the Game

If none of these approaches and still facing dragon age inquisition won’t start to seem to occupational, there is a substantial opportunity that your game application file is corrupted. Several of the players are likewise complaining about dragon age inquisition opens then closes, it is the best solution. In this scenario, the the majority of suitable action is to uninstall and also then reinstall the game. Even though the process might take a pair of minutes, the game is the majority of likely to run without crashing after re-installation.

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We understand also that no one desires their newly mounted games to crash at the startup. So, we took the time to compile dvery own a list of efficient tips to tackle this crash instance and gain interesting sessions of Dragon Age: Inquisition. So, follow the above-stated tips and sheight the dragon age inquisition crash on launch.