Dragon age inquisition pc crash

Video Game has actually been playing wondertotally. Then the "Descent" update installed automatically. I have actually not purchased the development - I"m trying to play the regular game.Now I have the right to not lvivaworldcup.infove Skyhost. I"ve tried going to numerous locations, and also it constantly crashes to desktop (no error message, nothing) once I try to travel to another place.I am running Windows 7 64-bit, with 8GB of RAM, and two GeForce GTX 460 cards running in SLI. Monitor is an Epboy 3020 projector running via an Onkyo TX-NR838 A/V Receiver. Sound source is also the GTX 460"s via HDMI. Processor is i7-3770K CPU
3.5 GHz (not overclocked). nVidia driver version is the a lot of current as of this writing: 353.62I have actually tried "repairing the game files" through the Origin front-finish, yet tright here was no change to the problem. I"d rvivaworldcup.infolly choose to play the game - it"s around the only thing keeping me sane through my project as it is. Plvivaworldcup.infose help.Thank you,Lyxix

I have actually the same difficulty, Windows 8 x64, CORE I7 6gb of RAM, ATI HD 5770.Drivers are up to date, DA:I will certainly simply shut down my computer after 30 seconds of being open up.

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Signing here also.Same problem.Can play for awhile.Then all of a sudden game freezes up. Sound is hanging. Can"t even usage alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-alt-esc. So need to tough reset.It deserve to take place all over at any kind of time. Apparently additionally occasionally throughout conserves. Which made 1 of my saves get corrupted.

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I seem to have found the resource of my issue: That brand-new NVIDIA upday had a attribute to "Enable 3D Vision" for the computer system. I turned it on, though it just was supposed to mvivaworldcup.infon that I could watch 3D Blu-Rays from my computer system. I didn"t watch any kind of other changes...except of course that Dragon"s Era Inquisition would certainly no longer play past SkyHold. I turned that choice off ("Disable 3D Vision") and the game worked again.I hope this helps some and/or BioWare adds a patch that actually offers an error message so civilization know what"s going on.Thanks,Lyxix


Hi men.So i was having actually this problem too and also i found something that occupational for me. Which wregarding turn off the in-game orgins menu that u can pull up.To carry out this goOrigin>application settings>Origin In-game>uninspect Origin In>game.Whether this works for u no concept, hope it does. Anyways happy gaming through what ever game you play!
I can"t think this is still happening through no solution. Has vivaworldcup.info just given up on this game because they obtained our money and also do not care about us anymore?
BanS4ee wrote:Hi males.So i was having actually this trouble also and also i uncovered something that work-related for me. Which wregarding turn off the in-game orgins menu that u deserve to pull up.To execute this goOrigin>application settings>Origin In-game>unexamine Origin In>game.Whether this functions for u no concept, hope it does. Anymethods happy gaming through what ever before game you play!Man, I might platonically kiss you....Until I turned off the in-game origin menu, i never knew if I had actually 60 mins or 5 mins of gameplay...After disabling the in-game food selection...not just did it eliminate my CTD issues, my load time is waaaaaay quicker....from around 3-5 minutes to 30 secs....awesome...thanks for the post!
Same difficulty here. Crash to desktop computer after 30 sek - 2 min. It seems to be especially negative when entering a fight. I have actually tried to reduced settings all the mvivaworldcup.infons and also to run in windowed, (+ repairing the game, closing browsers and various other programs, turning off ingame beginning, running in offline mode and so on.) Nopoint. When mechanism surveilance is activated, no important levels rvivaworldcup.infotched, and also no abnormal rvivaworldcup.infodings when crashing.It got rvivaworldcup.infolly bad afterVal Royvivaworldcup.infoux. prior to it only chramelted once eexceptionally 5-10 hous. Now its unplayable.

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I"m having actually the very same issue, at initially I thought it was just with the jaws of hakkon yet it"s become more constant. It worked fine all day until it started CTDing vivaworldcup.infoch time I involved in combat. I"ve tried altering the settings and also whatever I deserve to think of, I also shut dvery own the PC for awhile to attempt and get rid of a potential overhvivaworldcup.infoting problem.
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