Dragon age inquisition windows 10 crash

I've tried all the fixes I might find and nothing has actually operated. I diminished the clock rate of my GPU, made sure the .exe was allowed with all firewall surfaces and antivirus programs, repaired and reset up, run as admin, revolve of Origin in-game, every one of it.

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I haven't played in around a year bereason I moved and have actually upgraded my COMPUTER because, however my eight-year-old potato ran it with no concerns. Are tright here any type of fixes I'm missing?


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Even if you've put it on the exemption list for your firewalls/antivirus, it might still be getting blocked. Try disabling all shields before starting the game.

Other than that, I'm afrassist I have actually no idea. 3:

Did you disable your AntiVirus software? I usage Ahuge and never before had actually a difficulty. However, since the Windows Creators update I need to disable Ahuge or the game will certainly crash at launch.

I have actually Alarge, but didn't think to revolve it completely off. Do you have to disable it each time you play?

Try going right into the save folder and deleting the Profile* documents.

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Enter the Patch catalog and also edit package.mft (you deserve to simply use notepad) and also examine what Version it's listing. If it's anything other than 12, make it 12.

If you have any kind of mods, remove them, and also run the mod manager via a blank brochure (so you obtain a empty Patch_ModManagerMerge).

You can also attempt clearing the Origin cache (which has to be done manually). Tright here are internet pperiods that will define exactly how to do that much better than I will certainly, so if you desire to try that, Google. ;)

This is all I can think of just off the optimal of my head.

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3 years ago

Are you making use of a Reshade and Fraps? My game would certainly ctd through certain reshades if I was making use of fraps.

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